Anemi Hotel & Suites Paphos

Anemi Hotel & Suites Paphos

225.72 EUR


4.1/5 Pros

  • Great staff
  • Well maintained hotel Cons

  • Two separate buildings with less optimal connections
  • Dinner service with some issues

I really love to look back to the trip to Cyprus in October 2022, which my wife and I took together. During that trip we had two nights in Paphos, which is a nice mixture of a touristic center of the island as well as coming with some really famous historic sites. For our stay in the city, we selected the Anemi Hotel & Suites Hotel.


Anemi Hotel & Suites Paphos – Location

The Anemi Hotel & Suites Paphos are quite nicely located. It is not absolutely close to the touristic heart of the city, but not too far away. There are a also some restaurants and a mini market around, so that you can easily stock up. The walking distance to Paphos Archaeological Park is roughly a kilometer.

The hotel is driving a major parking lot, which is at the rear of the hotel. Especially if you travel with luggage, I recommend to unload the car beforehand. Furthermore, the Anemi Hotel & Suites seems to be a merger of two hotels. The main entrance is at Iasonos street on the Southeast, where also the spa area and the reception are located. There is a hotel entrance in the other building as well, but no reception services or similar. This may be very confusing – we had already unloaded our rental car at the wrong entrance.


Anemi Hotel & Suites Paphos – Atmosphere

Being a combination of two buildings leads to the situation that the hotel is rather quietly located. Especially the main building is very posh. Even though there were signs for an underground pathway, the two buildings are not connected for hotel guests, which also means that you may have to carry your luggage alongside the pool. This is indeed a bit of bothering. The hotel seems to have invested into upgrades during the pandemic, so that it overall feels really nice.


Anemi Hotel & Suites Paphos – Room

For our two night stay in Paphos (Monday to Wednesday in October 2022), we booked the Executive Room category, which was a total of 451.44 EUR including half board. The room was semi-flexible with a seven day cancellation period. The room located in the building opposite the reception was spacious and overall nice. The room category is stated with a size of 42sqm, which might be fine depending on how you factor in the large balcony. The style of the room was fine for purpose, but not overwhelmingly modern or posh. Compared to the large sofa, the table was too small and the work desk in the corner of the room was just too minimal.

Next to the entrance, there was a small corner with tea and coffee making facilities as well as a fridge. The hotel offered to bring you more water for a nominal charge, which is a nice service. Re-stocking coffee and tea should be included in my point of view though. This “kitchen” area also had basic dishes and cups, but no cooking facility. Thus, neither the typical European nor the North American definition of a “suite” room really fit in here. A really nice feature of the room, however, was the huge balcony with a nice view.

The bathroom was ensuite with a shower and a toilet cabin. The high room category also lead to some better amenities. The room was absolutely clean and well maintained at our arrival.


Anemi Hotel & Suites Paphos- Breakfast & Food

The breakfast buffet was a mixture of international and local dishes. The same applied for dinner buffet. The breakfast was nice overall, while we felt that the dinner buffet already felt limited after the second night. The quality of the dishes also differed too much in our point of view. There were signs at every dish, which was very helpful – even though we felt that tomato ketchup should not necessary be flagged as a Cypriot dish (even if produced on the island).


Anemi Hotel & Suites Paphos- Sports & Service

The heart of the hotel is the pool area between the two buildings. It is quite nicely done, even though it may be rather packed there. However, the hotel also features a really nice indoor spa area and a gym. This part of the hotel even featured a sauna, which I really liked. Closer to the rooms, you also find facilities like a laundry, which may be very helpful for travelers.

The staff was really friendly, so that we felt really welcome at the Anemi Hotel. There was an online guide about the hotel. Unfortunately, this did not feature key information like pool and spa times. The WiFi in the room (including the balcony) worked really well.


Anemi Hotel & Suites Paphos – My View

Overall, the Anemi Hotel & Suites has been a really nice stay. However, there were some minor issues as I mentioned them above. The hotel is a nice place to relax and enjoy Cyprus. The hospitality is definitely outstanding and you feel that the hotel is keen on constantly improving.


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