Riding the Swan Adventure Pedal Boat in Dubai – A Special Ride and Posting

Especially for tourists, Dubai rather means entertainment, luxury and posh shopping. Thus, having a boat ride in a swan-shaped pedal boat feels like a huge contrast. In this special Pictured Stories posting, I take you to some strange perspective of some of the most famous sites of the U.A.E. megacity.


Swan Adventure Pedal Boat – Location & Admission

The Swan Adventure Rides is located at a side arm of the artificial lake, which also featured the Dubai Fountain. Thus, it is only a short walk from Dubai Mall, Dubai Opera and Burj Khalifa (which I visited twice, with the At The Top tour and at a lovely afternoon tea). You may not enter the area where the fountain show is happening with the swan, of course. The pier of the boat rental is on the Southern tip of Burj Park. It is possible to walk once around the lake.

Finding out the exact swan boat ride opening times is difficult. When we had a ticket, they somehow struggled with it. Google states a daily opening from noon to 20:30 hrs. The typical fare for a 30 minute swan ride is 50 AED, some 12 Euro. My wife and I used the boat ride with a Groupon voucher (in general Groupon U.A.E. has some nice deals, also for touristis). The Burj Khalifa box office converted the voucher into a Swan ride ticket.


Swan Adventure Pedal Boat – Impressions

I really felt sorry for my wife, the staff and the boat. I am simply too fat, so that my wife had to take the pedals on her own (I was able to steer only). In order to avoid that the boat is overturning, the staff had to put quite a bunch of additional weights to the boat (you see them on the pictures). Might be one of the most heavy transports in which this poor plastic swan ever had to do.

Not only due to the fact that I did not have to put as much energy into the pedal boat ride as you typically would do, I absolutely enjoyed it. The view from the boat is really cool – you can see Burj Khalifa with a swan head right in front of you. As said above, the side arm of the lake is a bit remote from the Dubai Fountain – but nonetheless, you do have the chance to enjoy the show a bit. It is a really cool and a bit of weird experience.


2000 – Thank You!

Okay, you might ask yourself, why I am sharing this one with you. No proper review in here. In fact, you are just reading my 2000th posting. I want to thank you for all the support received from its community. Especially during 2021, I was already thinking about stopping this project due to all the work it takes – right when it had a massive boost. There are currently some 3,500 views per day. Really impressive. Thanks for all the time you spend with my blog, all the feedback and all the likes. Hope to do some more postings together with you during the next years.


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