Faroese National Botanical Garden (Pictured Story)

The flora of the Faroe Islands is rather unique and special. A nice way to explore it is the Faroese National Botanical Garden (or Plantufrøðiligur urtagarður in local language). In my Pictured Story, I take you on a visit. My pictures are based on a visit in September 2023.


National Botanical Garden – Location & Admission

The National Botanical Garden is located next to the Faroe Islands Open Air Museum (Hoyvíksgarður), which is part of the Faroe Islands National Museum. All these places are just North of the capital Torshavn. Driving distance to city center is roughly four kilometers. There are parking facilities at the Open Air Museum, from where it is less than 100 meters walk to the small garden. The Torshavn city bus lines 5, 6 and 7 connect you to the Mannbrekka stop, which is quite close to the city.

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Admission to the botanical garden is free. There is basic documentation and an overview of the plants in several languages. There are no fixed opening times.


Views of the Faroese National Botanical Garden

Plantufrøðiligur urtagarður is a nice, little place. It feels to be maintained by the National Museum. Paths are guiding you along the different plants, which are named and signed in the park. At a sunny day, it is also a lovely place to hang out, relax and enjoy nature. Despite being close to Torshavn city center and one of the main roads, it is a lovely and peaceful place. Some benches and chairs invite you to relax there. From the more uphill spots of the botanical garden, you also have some lovely views of the Atlantic Ocean.


Despite the range of plants on the islands is rather basic, visiting the Faroese National Botanical Garden is a really nice experience. There are some really unique and colorful plants. Below are some close-up impressions, which illustrate that.’s Botanical Gardens

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