Klaksvik and Djupumyra Stadium (Pictured Story)

The blue and white flag was waving at quite a lot of houses and the (league) jersey was proudly presented in one of the windows of a local sports store (which is also sponsor of the team). As I told you in my posting about amazing soccer European Cup Qualification performances during the summer of 2023, KI Klaksvik kicked themselves deeply into the of soccer / football fans of sports fans in general. Fighting spirit and discipline instead of swank and million dollar salaries. Their followers on social media exploded, the online fan shop had the sold out flag on many classic items.

I had the great opportunity to visit Klaksvik in very early September 2023, which was definitely one of absolute highlights of my trip to Faroe Islands. I even had the opportunity to watch the match of Djupumyra Stadium. As it was “just” the second women team (KI is absolutely dominant in Faroese women soccer…), I decided not to do a typical stadium review, but include the snaps in a Pictured Story, including impressions of the city. Hope you enjoy this write-up.


Klaksvik – Location & Traffic

With roughly 5,000 inhabitants, Klaksvik is the second largest city of the Faroe Islands. The driving distance from the capital Torshavn is roughly 45 minutes (40kms) if you take the Eysturoyartunnilin toll tunnel (roughly 30 EUR!). If you want to avoid that, there is a detour which is only the unavoidable tolled Nordoyatunnilin, with a total travel distance of some 70 minutes. Alternatively, there are regular public bus connections between the two cities. Buses stop just a few minutes away from the stadium. Atlantic Airways also offers a scheduled helicopter service. However, both helipads are not too central.

As the main hub of the Northern Faroe Islands, Klaksvik offers all kinds of services, including supermarkets. However, it is rather striking that for example grocery stores here typically close on Sundays. Klaksvik is not only worth a trip for soccer, but also for some museums and excursions to the North. For example, you can easily reach Vidareidi, the Northernmost town of the Faroe Islands, from here.


Views of Klaksvik

The center of the city is located right between two small fjord-alike waters. The area around is rather hilly, while Klaksvik is located in the valley almost on sea level. This leads to beautiful views of and from the city. Even though it was rather foggy during my visit (which is not too uncharacteristic for this territory). The most striking view is typically in the Northbound direction, when the island of Kunoy is right opposite for the fjord. You can reach the island via a bridge near Klaksvik. Due to the improved infrastructure, the city is also one of the key ports of the islands.

The most eye-catching building of the city is very likely the Lutherian Christianskirkjan with its separate bell tower. Unfortunately, I could not have a look inside. Apart from maritime-related companies, one of the key brands of the city is the only brewery of the Faroe Islands. I missed doing a guided tour. They also create sodas / soft drinks on these Klaksvik premises.

The pictures below have been taken around the memorial for the people dying on sea (which is still happening not that rarely). They also illustrate how many flowers there are in summer – even though the Klaksvik winters are rather dark, windy and cold.


Views of Djupumyra Stadium

Djupumyra stadium (or Djúpumýra in Faroese) is the home ground of KI (Klaksvíkar Ítróttarfelag). The stadium has been recently upgraded and will also undergo future upgrades. It comes with a capacity of 2,600, thereof 1,300 seated ones. The stadium is very centrally located. There are roofed stands in the North and in the South at the long sides of the pitch. The Southern part features the locker rooms as well as service areas and the VIP stand. The stands on the short sides of the pitch are not that high and thus offer an amazing views of the surrounding mountains. This leads to amazing perspectives before and during the match.

The match I visited did not reflect the services, which I would expect to be available during a Faroese top league match on the men and women side. However, the people were insanely friendly. I had a really nice chat during the match.


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