Quranic Park Dubai

Quranic Park Dubai



4.1/5 Pros

  • Beautiful park
  • Reasonably priced attractions Cons

  • Cave of Miracles does not reach its potential
  • You need a car / taxi to get there

I am not religious at all – but nonetheless, visiting the Quranic Park in Dubai was on my bucket list while visiting the United Arab Emirates in February 2022. Having a park designed after the stories in the holy script of the Islamic religion felt like an interesting combination of recreation and education. Here are my thoughts.


Quranic Park – Location & Admission

Quranic Park is located East of Dubai International Airport (DXB) and North of Mushrif Park, which is very popular among the locals. You most easily access it via the S116 road or the E611 highway. There is no metro connection. There may be some bus connections to the park, but I am not into the Dubai Bus System too much. I entered the park from the Southern Gate, which also allows you to visit the lovely Last Exit Al Khawaneej road stop and the Al Khawaneej Walk.

Quranic Park is opening daily between 9:00 and 21:00 hrs. On Fridays, the park is opening at 15:00 hrs. The admission to the park is free. However, the two main attractions, the Miracle Cave and the Glass House charge 5 AED each (some 1.20 EUR). The easiest way to pay is by NOL card, which you also use to pay the Dubai Metro fees and parking in the city. There seems to be the possibility to pay with cash or card at certain points in the park as well (combined ticket for both attractions).


Quranic Park – The Park

Quaranic Park is a real beauty. Unfortunately, not all works have been finished during my visit. This majorly impacted the orchards, which display certain fruits and vegetables featured in the Quran. In addition, there were some missing stones in the pavement and similar things. There are beautiful patches with flowers, trees spending some shadow and other covered places to relax. Even during the higher Dubai temperatures, it is great to have a walk through the park, regardless if you are interested in the religious symbolism or not.

One part of the park, which is in fact telling a Quran story, is the Miracle of Asa Musa (or Moses for Christian people), which illustrates the story, how Musa/MoSes lead the people through the sea with god splitting the water for the people. Nicely done and a somehow impressive experience.


Quranic Park – Attractions

The first attraction I visited is the Cave of Miracles. In the cave, there are seven movies telling stories about miracles described in the Holy Quran (which include the Musa / Moses miracle as well as Isa / Jesus). You thereby walk from one screen to another. The movies are in Arabic, but English speaking guests get a receiver and a headset for English audio. However, this feature did not work on the first station and had issues here and there at others. Really bad luck, as this would be a really illustrative way to tell stories in the Quran, regardless of the religious background of the visitor.

The second attraction is the beautiful Glass House. The idea behind this place is to show all plants which are mentioned in the Quran. The place is really cool and worth the visit. Even though I just spent some fifteen minutes in the place, I absolutely enjoyed strolling through the place and exploring the different plants.


Quranic Park – Services

There is a lot of staff, including security, in the park. The people were absolutely friendly. Some spots of the park have small cafes and allow to refresh. The Glass House has a cafe within its premises. When I wanted to exit the Glass House, I have been offered a free copy of the Quran, which I declined.


Quranic Park – My View

Bad luck that the Cave of Miracles does not meet its potential and comes with technical issues. The Quranic Park is really a great visit, I like the idea that you can leverage between a recreational and an educative visit. Not obtrusive at all, so that I definitely recommend to have a look if you are around.



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