ibis Madrid Centro

ibis Madrid Centro

50 USD


3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice budget hotel option in Madrid
  • Good location
  • Very nice staff Cons

  • Small breakfast area

In April 2019, I had another LATAM flight weekend to Madrid, staying in the city to see a concert and some other sights. As I did not know that I booked into the Madrid Marathon weekend at time of booking, I had very rare options to chose from for a reasonable price and went for the ibis Madrid Centro I had stayed in some time before. Here is a review of the Accor Group hotel.


ibis Madrid Centro – Location

The hotel is located in Calle de Manuela Malasaña. Thus, the hotel is a bit North of the city, but many sights are easy to reach – most of them by a reasonable walk, all other by metro. The Bilbao metro station is just a block away and thus very convenient.


The are features a lot of bars and restaurants. Especially during the weekends, the streets around the hotel may be quite crowded and feature all the impacts which party people may cause. However, the hotel room itself was quiet.


ibis Madrid Centro – The Room

The room I had was in the second floor. There was not too much of a surprise, as the place featured typical ibis room atmosphere in both, equipment and size.

The bathroom also featured typical ibis hotel design. The room was overall clean. ibis architecture gives quite some space and storage within a limited room size, so I was absolutely happy with my hotel room. I stayed in the room for two nights. Each night, including breakfast, but pre-paid was some 100 Euro.


ibis Madrid Centro – Breakfast & Food

You must be very optimistic (or rich) if you travel to Spain for a memorable breakfast buffet. I felt that the ibis breakfast in Spain in very reasonable. There was a sufficient selection of cold cuts, cheese, tortilla and other items. The fresh orange juice was great. The hotel did a very decent job to nicely present all the items in a very limited space in a nice way.

The reception and breakfast area may also be used as a bar and restaurant. The menu of the hotel is tapas-alike. I did not check out meals other than breakfast.


ibis Madrid Centro – Services

The staff in the hotel is very nice and helpful. Check-in and check-out went very smoothly. The WiFi was very good and reliable. Housekeeping also did a very good job. There are no other major amenities like a spa or a gym in the hotel


ibis Madrid Centro – My View

ibis Madrid Centro is a nice city stay. The staff is really friendly, the hotel is well driven and efficient. There are no major complaints I could think about. It is an ibis, so there are no special thrills. There are no negative points either, so the place definitely fulfilled its mission – good one!


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