Jais Sledder – a 1,800 Meter Alpine Coaster in the U.A.E.

Jais Sledder

40 AED


4.5/5 Pros

  • Nice, long track
  • Beautiful view of Jebel Jais and surroundings
  • Modern alpine coaster technology Cons

  • Low parking capacity at starting point.

When you think about the United Arab Emirates, you might not necessarily initially think of alpine coasters. However, I already introduced you to Jebel Jais, the highest point of the country. The highest restaurant of the U.A.E. is located there as well, at a height of 1,484 meters. In order to further develop the region, the Jais Sledder has started operation in February 2022. Just briefly after this grand opening, I finally made it to the region and had a ride with this attraction, which is sometimes also called Jebel Jais Sledder.


Jais Sledder – Location & Admission

You start your ride at the Jais Sledder finish line at the lowest point. It is located at the last point you can pass by private car without having a reservation for the uphill restaurants (see my Jebel Jais review posting). You practically need to have a car to get there, either a rental car or a taxi. Some people climb up Jebel Jais by bike as well.

The alpine coaster is opening Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 to 17:00 hrs. The adult admission is 40 AED (roughly 10 Euro), if you add a child to the same toboggan, it is 60 AED. There is a total weight restriction of 150 kg per vehicle. I have more or less passed the weighting and entering the toboggan immediately, but I read reviews that in high peak times, you may have rather ridiculously long queues here. I cannot validate that, but if you are a tourist and can avoid Friday and Saturday noon to afternoon time, this might be a better way to deal with this place anyway, also due to the distance between the sleighs (see below).


Jais Sledder – The Visit

The alpine coaster is a very modern one, which also means that you are wearing a seat belt and that the toboggan is fixed to the track in a way that it is hard to believe that you may be tilting. The staff is very keep on you not having any loose items with you – this unfortunately includes cameras, so that I could not give you some snaps from my ride. You are pulled up the hill, already sitting in the toboggan. At the hill station, there is another check for your ticket and you being well fastened to the sleigh before you have a short additional uphill track and then enjoy the 1,840 meter track.

I found an information stating that the total ride is about eight minutes. This, of course, also highly depends on the way you go downhill. I did not see anyone in front of me while being pulled up – nonetheless, I ran aground to a toboggan with two girls, which simply had a significantly lower speed than I had. There is no way to overtake, naturally, so you have to either just slowly follow them or slow down even more to use the distance for a faster ride thereafter. This is indeed bothering, but a general issue of longer alpine coasters. The track itself is really cool and a lot of fun – apart from that, it is a lovely opportunity to enjoy the mountain of Jebel Jais and the surroundings.


Jais Sledder – Services

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The parking capacity at the starting point are limited, especially as it is also a very popular place for families to hang out on weekends.


Jais Sledder – My View

I loved my ride at the Jais Sledder. Bad luck I am not able to share the amazing views from there. If you like that kind of ride and the lines are not too long, you should give it a try. Anyway, I guess there is hardly a better story to tell your people at home that you had an almost two kilometer alpine coaster ride during your last U.A.E. trip. Top Pick! in my point of view.


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