Regiohotel Schanzenhaus Wernigerode

Regiohotel Schanzenhaus

71.40 EUR


3.9/5 Pros

  • Unique location
  • Very friendly staff
  • Amazing breakfast Cons

  • Very bad internet issues
  • Minor service and maintenance issues

The night before the two floorball matches of the Red Devils Wernigerode against UHC Weißenfels (women) and the Berlin Rockets (men), I had a night in the Northern Harz town. It would have been possible to get from Cologne to Wernigerode in the morning easily, but I wanted to spent some time in the region, where I studied mathematics before. The hotel I chose was the Regiohotel Schanzenhaus, which comes with a very special feature: it is located right next to a ski jumping hill.


Regiohotel Schanzenhaus – Location

The Regiohotel Schanzuenhaus is located on the Southern part of Wernigerode, in the Zwölfmorgental (which translates to “Twelve Morning Valley”). The hotel is located at the end of a dead-end street. The special thing about the hotel are the four (differently sized) ski-jumping hills, which are right next to the hotel. Without special permits, you cannot travel the road further than the hotel.

There are a few parking lots right in front of the hotel and a major parking lot very near to it. Even though Wernigerode public transport is not that bad, I would not recommend to opt for this place if you are not traveling by car. I had a Sixt rental car from nearby city Goslar on my trip.


Regiohotel Schanzenhaus – Room

I had one night in January 2023, Friday to Saturday. The refundable rate which allowed me to use a double room on my own was 68.40 EUR, including breakfast. If you take the price into account (and the fact that it was still winter holiday season…), the room was really a good one. It was clean and had sufficient space for my equipment. The state of the room was good as well – there were no major marks of usage or lack of maintenance in the living and sleeping area. I also liked the large number of power outlets in the place. It was a bit of weird, though, that the room featured coffee/tea cups and a water kettle, but neither tea bags nor coffee itself.

The bathroom unfortunately had some issues. The heating looked a bit worn down, one of the main water valves was obviously broken. These things were present, but had minor influence to the stay. Overall, the bathroom looked fine. Shower gel and soap were provided in dispensers.


Regiohotel Schanzenhaus – Breakfast

The start of the day is the prime service at the Schanzenhaus, indeed. I did not expect anything close to the selection and quality of item this rather small hotel is offering. You might spot some limitations on the warm dishes side, but bread, cold cuts and healthy choices are excellent. The restaurant is rather large, they also offered a dinner buffet for amazing 24.50 EUR during my stay – however, I just did not have the time to check it out… The menu looked very promising.


Regiohotel Schanzenhaus – Service

The hotel had a very friendly, family-alike touch. The staff was absolutely lovely. However, I just cannot neglect some service issues. I had to wait for some ten minutes at check-in as the receptionist was around somewhere in the house. I feel that in a small place like the Schanzenhaus, a few minutes of waiting are fine, but this was a bit too long. The hotel is aware that they are struggling with the internet connection. The infrastructure within the hotel is too weak, so that I could not use the hotel access points and had to go for tethering (mobile internet). Of course, due to the rather remote location, you should not expect super-fast connections anyway. The hotel also has a spa area with sauna and relax facilities. I just did not have the time to check them out. They used to be for free for guests, but the higher energy costs lead to a small fee if you want to use them.


Regiohotel Schanzenhaus – My View

Bad luck that there were some minor maintenance issues and the very bad WiFi connection. The Schanzenhaus is indeed a beautiful hotel with a nice atmosphere and a unique location. The room is fine and definitely in line with the expectations set by the room price. The breakfast is outstanding. Nice!


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