Open Sky Lounge Dusseldorf Airport (DUS)

Open Sky Lounge Dusseldorf (DUS)



3.5/5 Pros

  • Rather large lounge
  • Typically free seats
  • Reliable services Cons

  • Food
  • Too few power outlets

Especially with British Airways moving the vast majority of their operations from B-Gates to C-Gates, I have been frequently visiting the Open Sky Lounge at Dusseldorf Airport (DUS). C-Gates are generally operating Non-Schengen flights, so that the lounge is located airside and after passport control. Time to share my lounge experience with you.


Open Sky Lounge Dusseldorf (DUS) – Location & Access

Open Sky Lounge is located on the upper floor of the terminal, i.e. above the gate area. After passport control and duty-free shop, you already see the stairs up to the lounge. On the left hand side behind the stairs, there is also an elevator. The lounge is open daily from 5:30 to 21:00 hrs, which is quite in line with the flight operations. There may be slight waiting lines at opening, though.

The lounge is open to business class and status passengers of major airlines operating from the C-Gates. The main operators are likely British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Etihad  and Non-Schengen Eurowings flights (the Schengen ones use Lufthansa Lounges). I unfortunately do not have structured information for other airlines. Emirates is driving an own lounge in Dusseldorf. You can also use lounge passes like Priority Pass. In addition, there is a buy-in rate of 27.50 EUR.


Open Sky Lounge Dusseldorf (DUS) – Atmosphere

The lounge is comparably large. From the reception desk, there is a smaller area on the right hand side, which is not too frequently used. On the left hand side, there is a nice range of different seats, from cozy seating, bar chair-alike work areas and bistro-style seating. Overall, the design of the lounge is not blowing your mind, but it is actually really nice. The availability of power sockets in the lounge, especially in the areas around the food buffet, is too limited, though. It may be a bit of crowded in peak times, but I never had issues finding an empty seat in the lounge.


Open Sky Lounge Dusseldorf (DUS) – Eat & Drink

Most of the pictures of the buffet below have been taken at breakfast times, some are taken from other visits. The buffet is in the rear of the lounge. They offer a decent range of different items at the Open Sky Lounge, definitely. The quality is rather basic, but it is reasonable to get around. Especially at breakfast time, the availability of warm items is unreliable. Sometimes, there are items like scrambled eggs and wieners – sometimes, there is nothing. They have a nice range of drinks, including a reasonable selection of alcoholic beverages.


Open Sky Lounge Dusseldorf (DUS) – Services

WiFi in the lounge is overall working fine. The lounge is featuring toilets. You need to pass an emergency fire door, which might feel a bit of weird. The lounge also features showers, but I have never used them so far. The staff is typically quite nice – they had issues there in the past, but I felt very welcome during the last visits.


Open Sky Lounge Dusseldorf (DUS) – My View

The Open Sky Lounge in Dusseldorf is overall a reasonable to nice place to hang out before the flight. Regarding the importance of Dusseldorf as a major airport in Germany, it is maybe a bit on the disappointing side. A nice feature, though, is that you reliably get a seat there and that it is typically rather quiet. The power supply should have been improved in Covid times, though. in Dusseldorf

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