Hampton by Hilton Frankfurt City Centre East

Hampton Frankfurt City Centre East



3.3/5 Pros

  • Good location and traffic connections
  • Nice breakfast Cons

  • Rude staff, esp. at the reception desk
  • Floor comparably run down, compared to the age

Having dinner with some frequent traveler friends in Frankfurt lead to a one night stay in the German city, famous for its trade fairs and the airport. For that stay, I chose a Hilton option which I had not stayed in before: the Hampton by Hilton Frankfurt City Centre East frequently felt to be rather budget-friendly alternative in town. Also, it offered good rail connection without having the impact of the spooky area around Frankfurt Main Station. Here are my thoughts.


Hampton Frankfurt City Centre East – Location

The Hampton by Hilton Frankfurt City Centre East is located right at the Ostbahnhof, the East station, which features local and regional rail traffic. Additionally, the hotel is right next to the Ostbahnhof underground station (line U6) and is also connected by tram (Ostbahnhof / Sonnemannstrasse stop, tram line 11). If you happen to arrive by car, the hotel is driving a parking garage. Travel time to the heart of the city center is just a few minutes, so that the location is quite ideal. The tram is also connecting you to the main station and the trade fair area.

The infrastructure around the Hilton Group stay is not too bad as well. Apart from a couple of peer hotels, there are a few bars and restaurants and stores, including a grocery store with rather long opening hours. Despite there is a certain density of vape shop and similar services as well, the services around are really helpful for travelers.


Hampton Frankfurt City Centre East – Room

By booking was a semi-flex one (i.e. five day cancellation period) for a Standard Queen Room, non-smoking. The room rate given was 95.37 EUR for a night in November 2023, Friday to Saturday. The room I got assigned was on the second floor. The floor felt surprisingly run down, including some signs of bad maintenance. However, the room itself was rather fine, coming with the typical updated Hampton interior. I wondered slightly that the luggage rack leaned at the work desk, it is typically in the wardrobe behind the sliding door to the bathroom. Additionally the drawers in the cupboard next to the bed were wide open. The room did not feature any bottled water, neither I got some at check-in, see below.

The bathroom was a bit on the compact side, but absolutely fine. In contrast to the carpets outside the room, the bathroom as well as the remaining room felt clean and fine. Amenities, as typical for European Hampton hotels, were provided in dispensers. The room was located at the end of the aisle and was surprisingly poorly soundproof. I had a lot of noise in the room, from neighboring rooms / rooms above and also some sort of maintenance. The soundproof against rail traffic noise was rather fine, though.



Hampton Frankfurt City Centre East – Breakfast

One of the key reasons why I went for this hotel is that it serves breakfast from 6:00, even on weekends. Breakfast closes at 10:00 weekdays, 11:00 weekends. I would say that the breakfast was the best part of the stay. The buffet really got a really nice range of variety and different items, the presentation is very nice as well. Some things felt a bit weird e.g. the orange juice dispenser was quite separate from the other juice dispenser. But these were really, really minor bits and pieces.

The hotel explicitly advertised a winter-style waffle, which I was really looking forward to. However, the dispenser had a sign that it is not working and both waffle machines were switched off. There are workarounds to solve a non-functional dispenser definitely – and it is hard to believe that two machines fail in parallel. Thus, I felt a bit of cheated here.


Hampton Frankfurt City Centre East – Service

I just cannot describe the check-in as welcoming. Despite there were three people at the reception desk, only a male attendant was serving customers, so that there was already a bit of the line. While the two young – and definitely more beautiful than me – ladies checking in right before me got the breakfast times explained and a flyer with restaurants nearby, there was none of these things to me. I have also just been greeted as a Hilton Honors member, not a Diamond one – and thus did not receive a snack as typical. Funnily, when my check-in began, one of the female employees wanted to assist the guests behind me in line and the male one shouted at her “Don’t touch it” regarding the computer next to her.

One of this kind of an experience might be a “they had a bad day thing”. The staff had a meeting in the breakfast area, at a table very close to the buffet discussing things like split of tasks, weird guests and how to clean the sink most effectively. One employee leaned his electric scooter on the wall next to the elevator in the morning.

The check-out was finally even more horrible. The check-in receptionist had “forgotten” (in contrast to the ladies before, he did not even ask me, but I marked it in the registration form…) that I am on a private trip and thus have to pay city tax. Check-out refused to have that paid by credit card and in a terrible and unfriendly manner insisted to have it paid in cash. Apart from the terrible service attitude in the hotel, WiFi was reasonable (not overwhelmingly speedy…). Next to hotel garage level, there is a really nice gym room.


Hampton Frankfurt City Centre East – My View

I was really looking forward to that stay. Opened in May 2018, the Hampton Frankfurt City Centre East is still relatively new. Even though the area is not the most thrilling one in Frankfurt, the location got its nice features and the room is nice. Bad luck that the whole service attitude and hospitality spirit in the hotel is obviously that poor – the is a lot more potential in this accommodation.


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