Sorell Hotel Ador Bern

Sorell Hotel Ador

130.05 CHF


3.9/5 Pros

  • Very good location
  • Good value for money Cons

  • Some breakfast / service issues
  • No snack service, though advertised

On the first weekend of January 2024, I had the opportunity to feature two Swiss floorball matches on the same day. I initially visited the Women NLB match of the Zulgtal Eagles vs. Visper Lions before I headed to Lejon Zäziwil vs. Red Lions Frauenfeld in the same league. As both matches were more or less held in the greater Bern region, I looked out for a hotel with a good location to the main station of the country’s capital. This time, I weint for the Sorell Hotel Ador. Here is my review.


Sorell Hotel Ador – Location

The hotel is just a short walk away from the Southeast exit of Bern Main Station at the Schanzenstrasse. The hotel itself is located just a few steps downhill and around the corner from there, some five minutes. You have to say, though, that the main facilities of the station are rather located on the Northern edge. There are numerous options from the hotel to reach public transport, for example buses and trams at Kocherpark or Hirschengraben. If you arrive by car, there is a public garage close to the hotel. The information I got is that there is a daily rate of 28 CHF.

Not only due to the proximity to various transport options, the Sorell Hotel Ador is really nicely located. Bern Old Town is just a short walk away. Especially if you have a longer stay and want to explore the city and the region, the hotel feels a nice choice, based on its spot.


Sorell Hotel Ador – Room

I had a one night stay at the Sorell Hotel Ador. The refundable rate for one night, Saturday to Sunday, in January 2024 was 130.05 CHF, with a standard double (for single occupancy) being the category reserved. The room had a nice design, but was also very compact. I just had a small suitcase for travel stuff, my camera bag and a carry-on size bag with computer and electronic equipment, which just made a reasonable fit to the room. I would not recommend going for this category if you are traveling as a couple with more luggage.

As I had to work on the sports pictures, I also made use of the large work desk. Unfortunately the blinds crossed the work desk, which was a bit unusual. Apart from that, the room had all features you need. The location of the power plugs below the work desk could be improved, but were overall fine.

The bathroom even came with a combined bathtub and shower. It was not overwhelmingly large, but felt fit for purpose and also had quite some space for your toiletries. For my body size, the foldable glass wall was too small to protect from water spreading through the bathroom while having a shower. I would guess that this is even the case for smaller-sized people. Amenities were given in dispensers, There were also two vanity kids and a cute rubber duck. so that you are not too alone while having a bath.


Sorell Hotel Ador – Breakfast

Breakfast at the Sorell Hotel could not fully persuade me. Overall, the selection and presentation was nice, but some breakfast items were just too low in quality and did not match the overall fine impression. I really like the industrially produced omelette patties from several Hampton stays in the United States, for example – the ones in Bern, though, were terribly dry. The pre-cut cheese blocks on the buffet included pieces which just contained the rind, which was as confusing to me as that the type of bread they offered to cut off slices on your own was altered. First there was a rather sweet bread but after this was taken by other guests, they changed to some sort of multi-grain.

A really nice idea to prevent the waste of food is that you get a meat cold cut platter only on demand. However, the breakfast staff has not really been present and available to the guests.


Sorell Hotel Ador – Service

I already wrote about hospitality issues at breakfast. I somehow experienced the same when I arrived at the hotel around noon in order to drop off my travel luggage already. The receptionist was not friendly at all. The in-fact check-in in the night hours and the check-out was very friendly and charming, though. The free WiFi in the hotel has been excellent.  If you book with the hotel, you receive a free public transport ticket for Central Bern (you need to download an app, though).

The elevator stated that the sixth floor in which I slept features a drink- and snack machine. It took me several minutes to find it before I frustratedly went back to the reception to ask for it. There is no such facility in the hotel any more – and they also did not offer me to purchase a snack at the reception or similar. There should definitely be one of the other option, especially as the room did not feature a mini bar.


Sorell Hotel Ador – My View

Overall, I am happy with the stay at the Sorell Hotel Ador. Nonetheless, I feel that the hotel could do much better. For example, the fact that there is not even a way to get a bottle of water somewhere (reception or vending machine) is bothering. The breakfast service came with some weird issues as well – even though the general concerpt of it was fine. Nonetheless, the hotel in the Swiss capital fulfilled my needs nicely. in Bern

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