TRYP Hotel Celle

TRYP Hotel Celle

66.75 EUR


1.8/5 Pros

  • Nice scenery, esp. the backyard area
  • Comparably large rooms Cons

  • Rude staff and bad technical maintenance
  • Very slow WiFi
  • Strange Covid-19 doors policy
  • Incorrect information about restaurant opening

At the beginning of June 2021, I had a trip to Northern Germany. Apart from two nights in Hanover, I had a night at Celle, which is named to be the Southern Gate to the Lüneburger Heide Region. I opted for a night in a Melia Hotel, the TRYP Hotel Celle, majorly due to its nice traffic connections to the region and the low price. Here is my review.


TRYP Hotel Celle – Location

TRYP Hotel Celle is located on the Western edge of the city. It is quite closely located to the B214 national route. Even though it feels to be a bit of remote, it is actually not that far away from the Celle train station, for example. The area does also not feel to be too touristic, there are a not too many touristic facilities like stores or other hotels / restaurants around.

I arrived to the hotel by car. There are some parking lots in front of the hotel, which has a major car park behind the building. Parking is charged with 5.50 EUR per car and night – which has not been charged to me (see below). There is also a bus station nearby. The hotel itself has coach parking lots.


TRYP Hotel Celle – The Room

I booked the basic room of the hotel, the so-called Tryp room. Including breakfast, the refundable rate was 66.75 EUR. The room felt basic, but quite spacious at first sight. Not too much warmth in design, but absolutely reasonable regarding the price.


Unfortunately, I struggled with the technical equipment of the room: the light at one side of the bed has been flickering, the work-light was not working at all. The room also did not come with air conditioning. The hotel at least provided a tower ventilator – however, this ran into another issue about the room: if you do not count plugs which are already taken by other appliances (like TV, WiFi Router, workl-ight, hairdryer in the bathroom), there was just one free power plug in the room. The room felt to have some not too long ago renovation – I absolutely struggle why especially hotel chains like Melia set some minimum standard here. I claimed the non-working light, see below about my experience.

Too much technical trouble…

The chairs in the room caused also some trouble to me, as they both chairs felt not to be at their best state. I have to admit that I am oversized in body, but the original work desk chair was strong enough for me (any more), the other chair in the room was really run down, but felt to do its job. Overall, the work desk was actually quite nice and easily held all my equipment. Apart from the technical issues, the room was functional – I just expect power plugs and/or USB ports at the beds nowadays, especially in renovated rooms. There was a break in the door to the bathroom – one of that “I better don’t want to know what previous guests did her” kind of damage…

The room was absolutely clean – and so did the bathroom. The facilities were actually quite spacious. The hotel did just offer basic amenities in room, but others were available (see below). The bathroom was not overwhelmingly charming, but regarding the hotel price, I really appreciated the space, which gave a nice level of comfort.


TRYP Hotel Celle – Breakfast

The hotel’s restaurant is next to the lobby. Typically, the service buffet breakfast, the facilities looked nice there. Due to Covid-19, they served breakfast at the table (some items were already at the table when I arrived).

The breakfast was actually not that bad. Every guest got a nice plate of cold cuts. Bread rolls were at the table, as well as a boiled egg. You could order juice. Some tables were also offered scrambled eggs or sunny side up. This did not happen to me, but overall, the breakfast stuff was friendly. What I did not like, though, was the hygienic concept. It is definitely difficult to drive that kind of breakfast, but obviously, the bread rolls and some other items have been at the table for another guest already – the “tin” working as table dustbin was already filled when I arrived at the table the staff assigned to me. This leaves a strange feeling in pandemic time. Apart from that, I had a really nice start into the day.

The hotel is well-rated for its restaurant, also among the locals. The terrace facing the parking lot has been very popular in the evening. I would have definitely checked it out – unfortunately, they gave me an information sheet at check-in stating that the restaurant is closed. When I came back from taking pictures for my Eschede Derailment Memorial posting, having some basic snacks with me, I was really surprised to see people having warm food in this place.


TRYP Hotel Celle – Services

So far, the TRYP Hotel Celle has been a solid stay. Unfortunately, I struggled with some of their services significantly. On the positive side, I absolutely liked the idea that they had a lot of amenities to grab at the lobby – a nice way to treat these thing during the pandemic.

The staff already spoiled at my first impression. The receptionist neither wore a mask when I arrived nor had he been behind one of the plastic shields. Thus, after he realized, he to “run away” from me. The whole check-in process was at most average. The two staff members felt to rather communicate with each other than with the guest. The hotel followed a strange policy during Covid-19 as well: you had to use the elevator for upstairs rides to the rooms, but had to take the staircase for the downstairs direction. I don’t include that in my rating, as it could be a request by the city of Celle. I declare myself guilty that I broke the rule at check-out with over 10kgs of technical equipment in my baggage.

Too much service struggle…

The hotel drives a sauna, which has been closed for obvious reasons. This is expected reduction of service during these times. I also feel it is reasonable to reduce your 24 hour reception service times these days. I could not understand, however, that between midnight and 6:00 hrs, there was no chance to open the hotel doors. This means if you have to leave the hotel in this time for whatever reason, be prepared that you can return to your room earliest when hotel staff is coming back. I did not fully get that at check-in and understood that they lock you our in case of fire alarm, which might have been somehow reasonable. There has also been no emergency phone number (at least, none provided). That’s something you have to put on your website.

What I really hated was their technical claim handling regarding the lights in my room (there was overall just one lamp next to my room operating in the sleeping and working area plus the light at entrance). Even though I explained the receptionist that I tried out the lamb on the plugbar which operated my two computers, he was insisting that I was too dumb to use the electric appliances – the power plug in fact used for the working lamp has indeed been operated by a power plug linked to the main switch of the room. Instead, I have been given another plugbar, which has already been in a state I would not hand over to guests. I felt absolutely offended by that ignorant behavior. At check-out (which was a much better experience), the hotel did not charge me for parking due to that incident.

During the breakfast, there was a loud discussion at the reception desk. I first thought that a hotel guest is complaining about something until I realized that the receptionist at check-in the day before was heavily arguing with the the person who did my check-out. You just should not do that (especially not for several minutes) when guests are around. Apart from that, troubled with the WiFi connection. It had not been that bad after check-in in the later afternoon, but several speed tests lead to an upload speed of about 0.08 Mbit. For all operations, I had to switch to tethering / mobile network.


TRYP Hotel Celle – My View

It’s really a shame: the TRYP Hotel Celle could have been a really solid stay during my trip. The location might not be ideal for visitors of the city, but it has been perfect for me. The setting with the backyard parking and restaurant terrace is nice and the size of the rooms is even a bit larger than you can expect from a budget stay. But finally, some obvious issues in hotel processes and hospitality as well as a lack of technical maintenance leads to a significant collapse of my rating. I also feel that Melia should take more control of their hotels. Hotels like the TRYP Hotel Celle might finally decide if your next stay is at one of Melia’s more posh locations – of if you decide to go for the peers. This stay has been absolutely disappointing to me.



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