The FC St. Pauli Museum (Kiezbeben)

Kiezbeben Museum



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very nice, rather neat sports museum
  • Very friendly, motivated staff
  • A lot of stories Cons

  • I got locked for some 15 minutes

The website of the FC St. Pauli Museum states that a club like no other deserves a museum as no other. Indeed, the FC St. Pauli is a very unique club in German professional soccer. Right in the heart of their operations, the club is also driving its own museum. The current permanent exhibition is named Kiezbeben focusing on the story what FC St. Pauli made to be the very special club it currently is. Here is my review of the museum.


FC St. Pauli Museum – Location & Admission

FC St. Pauli Museum is located in the Northeast corner of the Millerntor-Stadion (“Millerntor Stadium”), the home ground of FC St. Pauli. The stadium is located right in the heart of the Hamburg borough and nicely connected to public transport. The two underground lines serving the stadium best are Feldstraße and St. Pauli, both served by the U2 line.

I visited the museum after having a stadium tour. The admission to the museum is typically included. The stadium tour is also starting at the museum. If you just want to visit the museum, the times are Friday 15:00 to 19:00, Saturday 11:00 to 19:00 and Sunday 10:00 to 15:00. In case the time collide with match times, the museum is typically closed. An adult admission ticket is 7 Euro.


FC St. Pauli Museum – The Visit

The exhibition indeed gives an overview of the history of the club from 1910 until today. Despite the museum does not have too much space, it is featuring a lot of original items, pictures and documentation. It also does deal with darker times of the club history, like the Nazi era. The key focus of the sports museum, however, starts with the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. One of the most impressive exhibits of the museum is the former manual scoreboard, which has been a very well-known part of a Millerntor visit for many years. Unfortunately, as this is the only outdoor exhibit, I got locked in the “cage” from which you visit this part of the museum. Even calling the museum did not work. Luckily I could ask people passing by to tell that to the museum reception at the fan pub.

A very nice part of the museum is also illustrating how the stadium developed over time. It is still a rather traditional soccer-only ground nowadays, with limited capacities in hospitality, for example. Another very touching story is the Weltpokalsiegerbesieger (“Winner against the World Cup Winner”), a match, which St. Pauli won at Bayern Munich right after the favorite had just won the global title for club teams. Of course, there is also a stadium model representing the current architectural state of the FC St. Pauli home ground.



FC St. Pauli Museum – Service

The admission to the museum is at the fan pub. Thus, the atmosphere is very cozy. The museum is not driven by the club directly, but by a museum support organization. I feel that this is one key factor that the museum and pub staff is very friendly and helpful. They were also very sorry about locking me in (due to a wrong lock setting).


FC St. Pauli Museum – My View

The FC St. Pauli Museum is a really nicely done place. You see that the scene driving the museum and the exhibition really loves the club and its very special atmosphere. There is a lot of interaction and you can explore a quite a bunch of interesting stories of the history of the club. Thus, I feel it is really worth a visit, especially in combination with the stadium tour.


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