Zeppelin Museum Zeppelinheim

Zeppelin Museum Zeppelinheim

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4.2/5 Pros

  • Small, but very informative exhibition
  • A large collection of original items
  • Very nice staff

Zeppelinheim – the nominal reference in the name of the borough South of Frankfurt to the legendary German airships is no coincidence. In fact, the area hosted the huge hangars and facilities to drive the global Zeppelin rides from Frankfurt Airport. Nowadays, there is just the name Zeppelinheim – and nice museum driven in the center of the village. During my visit to Frankfurt in fall 2020, I had a look into the museum.


Zeppelin Museum Zeppelinheim – Location & Admission

The museum is located in the heart of Zeppelinheim, a borough of the city of Neu-Isenburg. Zeppelinheim is located right East of Frankfurt Airport. If you go there by local transport, you likely end up at the S-Bahn station (commuter rail), from where it is a some 800 meter walk to the museum. There are sufficient parking lots around the museum as well. I visited the museum by car sharing car from Frankfurt city, which has been very convenient.

The museum is open on Fridays 14:00 to 17:00. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the museum opens from 11:00 to 17:00. On all other days, the museum is closed. It is driven by a charity foundation. There is no fixed entrace fee, they ask you to pay what you like.


Zeppelin Museum Zeppelinheim – The Visit

The museum is a quite open space, which is in shape referencing to the famous airships a bit. The key part of the exhibition is located on one floor – there is a basement exhibition, however, as well. There are numerous Zeppelin airship models hanging down from the ceiling.

The museum itself has an amazing collection of items and also comes with a lot of interesting information. From the viewpoint of when you enter the place, there is a very interesting model about the historic airship facilitiites at the airport. But there are also a lot of original parts, including structural elements of Zeppelin airships, but also characteristic luggage or the tableware used. There is also a replica of how the passenger deck of the LZ 129 – better known as the Hindenburg looked like.

The list of items is countless. Board games and other entertainment items reflect the importance of the airships in common culture. But the museum has also original steering and engine parts, which are outstanding. Uniforms illustrate how the airship staff looked like during these times.


The Hindenburg Desaster

Of course, there is also a major section about the Hindenburg catching fire over Lakehurst, New Jersey. It is, however, not as massively weighted as for example the Friedrichshafen Zeppelin Museum in Southern Germany is doing. In the basement section, there are some more pictures and items. You also also able to watch documentaries about the Zeppelins, which give a very interesting part of your visit as well.


Zeppelin Museum Zeppelinheim – Service

There is a small shop right at the reception desk, where you pay your admission fee. The staff was very friendly, I had a very nice chat with the lady at the reception about the museum. You see that it is driven by a charity and people drive that exhibition with a lot of enthusiasm.


Zeppelin Museum Zeppelinheim – My View

The Zeppelin Museum in Zeppelinheim is indeed a lovely place. I am really that these kind of specialized museums still exist. It is comparably easy to get there – so in case you are in aviation and around, it is definitely a really interesting visit. Absolutely enjoyed it!


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