Litli Geysir Hotel

Litli Geysir Hotel

24,000 ISK (162 EUR)


3.8/5 Pros

  • Great location
  • Very nice staff at check-in
  • Great breakfast in Hotel Geysir Cons

  • Not a bargain at all
  • No reception staff in the morning

The first overnight during my August 2021 trip to Iceland was right next to one of the most iconic places on the Scandinavian island. The Litli Geysir Hotel is located right next to the Geysir Hot Spring Area in the hard of the famous golden circle. To be, the key reason for the choice was to have a relaxed time at the geysirs without tourists and having a practical travel hub before heading North along the F35, the famous Kjölur-Route. Here is my review.


Litli Geysir Hotel – Location

The Litli Geysir Hotel is located right at the Geysir Hot Spring Area – you more or less just cross the road and are at one of the most famous places of Iceland. It is right at road 35, which later becomes the Kjölur-Route. The hotel offers sufficient parking space as you will very likely go there by car. There feels to be a bus connection, but it is not very frequent.

The Litli Geysir is a partner hotel of Hotel Geysir, which is just a short walk away. You also have your breakfast in Hotel Geysir. Around that hotel, there are souvenir stores and other touristic facilities. The Geysir Center also runs an automated petrol station. If you do the Kjölur Route, this is the last petrol station for some 200kms. There also seems to be a charging station for electric cars. Geysir Center also sells some food – but I have just been there out of opening times.


Litli Geysir Hotel – The Room

I booked a standard single room. The room includes breakfast and was subject to cancellation up to three days before arrival. The room price was 24,000 ISK, roughly 162 Euro. The room was rather simple and small, but fulfiled my needs. I liked to look into the small garden (even though I would have liked to have geysir view, of course). The work desk was large enough to work and the bed is fine – Hotel Geysir next door is more posh, but also significantly more pricey 🙂

The bathroom featured all I needed as well. Actually, it even felt a bit of spacious compared to the living area. Good amenities were provided. No thrills, but an absolutely solid stay, very Icelandic style.


Litli Geysir Hotel – Breakfast / Food

As said, breakfast was served in Hotel Geysir. The start of the day was really a treaty with a lovely collection of items. The only thing which made me a bit of sad is that they advertised the lovely geysir bread and did not have it. Breakfast started at 7:30hrs, which I felt to be a bit on the late side. Nonetheless, the breakfast deserves a high rating.

Litli Geysir also offers a lounge where you can just sit and relax, have a drink or a simple snack. The lounge, however, is only open when the reception is operating, see below.


Litli Geysir Hotel – Services

There reception is open late hours at Litle Geysir, but then they are leaving the place. In the morning, you just leave your key in the basket and leave – the staff comes back at 11:00 hrs. I did not like this too much, it also takes you the opportunity to feedback. The hotel does run a golf course (9 hole, as far as I remember). WiFi worked very reliable. The TV reception in the room felt to be a bit of limited.


Litli Geysir Hotel – My View

Litli Geysir is a cool place. Just being able to walk across the road and have some time with Strokkur and Geysir, without bus loads of tourists, is just an amazing experience. It is a premium location in Iceland – and you pay a premium price for it. The room is rather small and I did not like that you don’t have staff there in the morning. Apart from that, it is a really nice option to spent a night near the geysirs. and Iceland

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