Airport Hotel Grasteinn (Keflavik)

Hotel Grasteinn Keflavik

95 EUR


3.8/5 Pros

  • Close to Keflavik Airport (KEF)
  • Clear budget stay concept leads to an (Iceland relation) low price Cons

  • No WiFi in (remote) room during my stay

When I visited Iceland in October 2021, my Lufthansa flight from Munich Airport (MUC) to Keflavik (KEF) arrived at the Nordic island shortly after midnight. Thus, the plans for the time right after arrival were quite clear: grab the luggage, grab a rental car, go to the hotel and sleep. I thus needed a not too expansive place with 24 hour reception not too far away from the airport for some hours of sleep. Hotel Grasteinn in Keflavik felt like the ideal choice for that profile. Here is my review.


Hotel Grasteinn – Location

Hotel Grasteinn is located in the Southern part of Keflavik on the Reykjanes peninsula. The hotel is located in a commercial area. The connection to the route 41, which connects Keflavik Airport (KEF) with Greater Reykjavik, is in short distance. The next bus stop is quite a walk away, but you likely don’t opt for this place anyway if you don’t have a rental car.

Not only due to the proximity to the airport and the main road, the hotel has actually a nice location. There are two petrol stations around and a small mall with two supermarkets. Central Keflavik, which is actually rather underrated, is in walking distance. This also includes Rokksafn Islands, the very good Icelandic Rock’n’Roll Museum.


Hotel Grasteinn – The Room

I booked a double room at a flex rate of 95 Euro, including breakfast. The room was described to have a “seating opportunity”.  In fact, my room was located in an annex of the building. The walk there was a bit of cold, but quite nice – the room always felt like a tiny apartment from outside. A two person occupancy in this room would have been rather challenging, but the small room was fine for one night and  one person. The “desk” was rather slim – working there for was rather a challenge, but doable. The key issue with the room was the WiFi, however, see below.

The bathroom followed the same design as the sleeping room: compact, just what is neded, but functional and absolutely clean.


Hotel Grasteinn – Breakfast

The good thing about the annex location of my bedroom was the rather short distance to the breakfast room. The breakfast was limited, but again, it followed the concept of the place, so I felt that it was absolutely okay. There was even some fruit and all other necessary breakfast basics. I also used the room to work on duties after having a morning bite


Hotel Grasteinn – Service

Overall, the service was friendly. I explicitly asked if it is fine to arrive between 1:00 and 2:00 hrs (which I in fact did) and the hotel gave a positive answer. There is a reception bell and I felt to have woken up the host / receptionist – so I excuse that he felt to majorly want to head back to bed when I arrived. The communication during breakfast and check-out was much more friendly. There was sufficient parking at the hotel (okay, I took the handicapped parking lot… But I was quite sure to be the last new guest of the day).

The big issue of my stay was WiFi. Indeed, I had the very last room on the aisle of the annex. The hotel stated that they had already requested the phone company to extend the internet coverage – but long story short: my room was without WiFi connection. That’s a key part of a hotel reservation nowadays, so that was definitely a negative point. The staff was really trying to help me out in the morning, though.


Hotel Grasteinn – My View

95 Euro might feel like a rip off for a basic accommodation, but in fact, it is a bargain for a stay in Iceland. The room is tiny, but actually quite nice. The location is nice if you have a late arrival or early flight – and that’s typically the time of your vacation at which you don’t need too much luxury and comfort. Grasteinn offers all basics you need. The WiFi thing is, of course, very unfortunate.


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