Melia Calvia Beach (Mallorca)

Melia Calvia Beach

198 EUR (half board)


3.6/5 Pros

  • Lovely location and nice rebranding
  • Amazing LEVEL lounge area Cons

  • Room with too many issues
  • Organisational difficulties

An attack into enemy grounds? You simply see that I am not a Mallorca expert at all based on this booking. In the meantime, I learned that there are “German tourist grounds” and “British tourist grounds” on the Balearic islands. Magaluf, where Melia Calvia Beach is located, is in the Brexit state zone. Nonetheless, I booked it – and this “sectioning” of the popular vacation ground does not at all play a role in my review, based on a stay in May 2021.


Melia Calvia Beach – Location

Melia Calvia Beach is located a bit of South of the core area of Magaluf beach with all its bars and touristic facilities. It is located on a quite quiet street and has direct beach access. You like go there by tourist bus, taxi or rental car. The hotel does offer a private guest parking. Palma Airport (PMI) is roughly 27km away from the hotel.

The good sides of the hotel of course also have a down side, when it comes to facilities around: there is a supermarket, which is very close to the hotel, as well as some touristic shops. There are not too many dining options, though. For other attractions, you either head into Magaluf or drive to another city on the island.


Melia Calvia Beach – Atmosphere

The building used to be a hotel by the Sol hotel group (I think it was the Sol Antillas Barbados). Overall, the refurbishing and rebranding worked very well, the hotel as a very modern and cozy atmosphere. Especially the lobby area looks very modern and comfortable. The signature element of the Melia Calvia Beach is definitely its amazing location and beautiful view.


Melia Calvia Beach – Rooms

We had three nights in Melia Calvia Beach and went for the Junior Suite, half-board flexible rate, for 594 EUR. For a stay in late May 2021, this is likely a quite outstanding rate. I have to say that I struggled with the room a lot – even though you also need to be fair and state that the original architecture by the predecessor hotel (long and slim rooms) has been really unfortunate. The room had a bed facing towards the window with a TV set in front of it. There has also been a table with two chairs, but this was completely useless, as you would not be able to watch TV from there. The bathtub was at the side of the room and somehow had sea view as well. Apart from the mini bar, all other facilities were behind the rear of the bed. As a very unusual feature, the minibar came with a sink.

The rear of the bed has in fact not been that bad as it lead to a huge wardrobe area. The show was also amazing in size. There were two sinks at the back of the room – but there was neither proper space to leave your sanitary items nor there were any sensible hangers, e.g. for the towels. I don’t understand the layout of the room. Even though we complained about it, the light in the toilet has not been fixed. As there was just this source of light, this lead to an open door policy.

Too Many Issues In A Junior Suite Room

That’s the short version. The long list of issues has its climax in the picture below, my workdesk for these two days. The first issue was that there were just three free power plugs – one at each side of the bed and one next to the sink in the washing area. If you think about the TV, this one was fixed to the ground, including the power cables. Thus, I had to use a power chord (which I always have with me) and work in the wardrobe. Due to the bathtub, which just covers quite an area which could get wet, there was a lot of struggle to put our two suitcases somewhere.

Some other issues were for example that you could not lock the balcony door. Traveling with two computers, I am annoyed by these things. Like the light, it is something I expect housekeeping to report to the technical staff.

The Junior Suite Highlight: The Balcony

There is one thing I did not mention yet – but it has definitely been the best feature of this room: ain*t the view from this place amazing? During day and night, I simply enjoyed it – regardless whether I just did it from the room or standing on the balcony.


Melia Calvia Beach – Breakfast / Food

Both half-board dishes were served in the buffet restaurant. There were special seats for Level guests, which had a little more comfort and some ready-to-order items at breakfast (see below). I feel that the atmosphere and organisation was good, the dishes were different each day – apart from obvious tourist classics like pizza or French fries. The breakfast buffet was rather constant, not too surprisingly, though. The guests could be identified by differently colored wristbands (see below).

Melia Calvia Beach Breakfast

I really liked the breakfast. It did not have a variety like you have it for example in Dubai hotels (with several different international breakfast dishes), but a really wide selection of European breakfast items. As a Level guests hot drinks, orange juice and special items were served at the table – you have to say that this did not work out well and failed completely on one day.

Even though we were never really close to the opening of the buffet, the LEVEL area of the buffet breakfast was not even to be seated. On the other hand, the special dishes were quite nice when the system was working. You can find multiple reasons, why the interpretation of Eggs Benedict and Bircher Müesli was a bit too far away from the expected – but they definitely did these dishes in a tasting and charming way.


There were no special items or services for dinner. The website states something like that they are serving international top-level cuisine. Based on that, dinner has been a fail – but taking that aside, the food was really nice and in the range you could expect of a place like that. The processes, however, already felt a bit of chaotic – thus, they would have to do better at rather full occupancy.


Melia Calvia Beach – Sports

The Melia hotel features a lovely and large pool area. Again, you have to say that the hotel was not too fully booked, so that it may be a bit pit of packed there in high season. The nice gym was located close to the pool area.


Melia Calvia Beach – Club Lounge

I absolutely loved the interior of the LEVEL Club Lounge. There were cold drinks over the whole day. I was very surprised that the hotel staff actively encouraged you to take drinks from there with you – I typically the that as rather abusive guest behavior. We wanted to enjoy the happy hour with alcoholic drinks on our first evening, but the reception desk gave us (and also other guests) the wrong times.

Food in the lounge was actually very nice. During alcoholic drink offering times, the lounge was really packed and some people ate masses of the snacks provided (or left major parts at their table), which I felt to be very disgusting. The LEVEL area also came with a small designated pool for the guests of these higher room categories. This outside area was really, really beautiful in my point of view.


Melia Calvia Beach – Services

The services had ups and downs. In general, the hotel did not control the Covid-19 measures too well. The check-in was weak. The first person who finally served us did not feel motivated and chatted with a colleague in parallel. Finally, he handed our check-in over to a colleague during the process. The reception performance during our stay was slightly better. You received a wristband, which served as a door key and room credit if you wanted to pay drinks or food. The color coded your service level. Some people had two wristbands, I don’t know the rationale.

The hotel drives a small and winding parking lot close to the reception entrance. We pre-booked the parking lot as part of our reservation. Daily parking fee is 15 Euro. There are also free public parking lots around, but I don’t want to have street parking with rental cars. A very cool feature is that you can to a lot of stuff via the Melia app – including doing stuff like ordering towels or a shaving set. You feel to need an app for these things nowadays. Even though the app does feature a function for that, we could never check our balance on the wristband chips – which is especially bad as you never had a drink menu with prices during dinner. Price level was fine, though. WiFi worked fine.


Melia Calvia Beach – My View

Stays like this one at Melia Calvia Beach give me such a difficult time to rate the place: on the one hand, it is a nice place, it is great to be there. The LEVEL lounge is an incredible beauty and the lobby feels very welcoming. On the other hand, there is the suite category (!) room, which neither features a proper work desk nor sufficient power plugs. It is unrealistic to believe that people staying in a place like this do not need it! I also don’t understand why Melia is not having a checklist for the hotels and see if the room fulfills basic requirements. On top of that, there are issues on technical housekeeping and – in general – too many small negative things on the services and orchestration side. The result is just too low for a posh place like this.


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