Sea Life Munich

Sea Life Munich

21.50 EUR


2.9/5 Pros

  • Nice tunnel Cons

  • Too small
  • Poor organization
  • Very crowded (on weekends)

My visit at the Sea Life in Munich has still been under Covid-19 regulations. However, I feel that most of the points are still up to date. Sorry about the delay sharing my thoughts about another Merlin Entertainment place in Germany with you. Here is my review.


Sea Life Munich – Location & Admission

Sea Life Munich (Sea Life München) is located right in the heart of the Olympiapark, the former Olympic Games ground, which also features the Olympic Tower and the Olympic Stadium. Unfortunately, the easiest way to get to that part of the park is by car, there are two park decks in close distance (both may be rather packed on weekends and nice weather). Alternatively, you can take the Underground to Olympiazentrum, which is right next to BMW World and BMW Museum (lines U3, U8). There are also some tram and bus options around.

Opening times for the aquarium are typically 10:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday and 9:00 to 18:00 Saturday and Sunday (incl. public holidays). You are requested to book a time slot as well. Adult admission is 21.50 EUR at the time of publishing.


Sea Life Munich – The Visit

Sea Life Munich is a typical Sea Life outlet with good documentation screens. Most of the information is available in German and English. Thereby, the aquarium uses the typical structure, from rather domestic places to exotic habitats. Sea Life Munich is split into twelve sections, following the Isar and Donau to its delta at the Schwarzes Meer (Black Sea) first. Then there are sections for jellyfish or sea horses.

Of course, there is a Sea Life tunnel as well. The tunnel is actually quite nice and also has some sort of dome. However, this is also one place which illustrates best why I overall did not enjoy my visit: it was far too packed and services were not working. For example, they had relax chairs in the dome of the tunnel (which might not be the best idea anyway, as there are typically many people) and it was just too packed. Even without Covid-19 restrictions, this place is simply too full on a weekend. The worst thing is that – in contrast to other Sea Life places – they don’t encourage visitors with buggies to leave them in the reception area. For very small infants, that is of course fine, but I had masses of empty strollers blocking the too thin aisles of the place.

The later sections of the visit are actually rather nice. Again, there were some service issues. For example, they allowed you to pet starfish, but there was no staff around – I never saw that before. The Shipwreck zone of the major basin was likely the best experience of my time in Munich, it is located close to the exit. Despite this Sea Life for example claims to have the largest selection of shark in Germany, I felt that the visit was rather short. Even though I had some delays due to the masses of people, my time at Sea Life Munich was less than 35 minutes.


Sea Life Munich – Services

There is a typical Sea Life souvenir store at the end of the visit. The aquarium also offers a cafe, which was closed during my visit, but should generally operate now again. A nice way to visit Sea Life Munich is to have breakfast there (at 8:30, before regular opening hours). Unfortunately, this option is only available on weekends, when the place is likely more busy.


Sea Life Munich – My View

Unfortunately, I have to say that I did not enjoy visiting Sea Life Munich. They just run over capacity. Even though I will not include that in my rating any more, you should bear in mind that I visited the aquarium under Covid-19 distancing requirements. The presentation is nice and it is likely the best place to learn about maritime life in Munich. Nonetheless, Sea Life Munich is just too small and poorly organized.


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