Hveradalir Geothermal Area (Pictured Story)

I recently introduced you to the Geothermal Exhibition at the Hellisheidi Power Plant. Due to the high geophysical activity in this area, the power plant provides energy and hot water for the majority of the Reykjavik capital area. Thus, it is not too surprisingly, that there is more geothermal activity close to the plant. In fact, the Hveradalir Georthermal Area is not only a few minutes away from the interesting place, but also more or less next to the Ring Road. During May 2023, my wife and I simple had to have a visit.


Hveradalir Geothermal Area – Location

The geothermal area is located right next to the Ring Road. You roughly drive 35 km to Reykjavik and 25 km to Selfoss. However, if you come from the West, you should follow the directions to the Geothermal exhibition and then turn right into the paved 378 road. There are no other services around, but there is a guesthouse / restaurant, which also serves as starting point for ATV and similar tours.

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As a natural attraction, the Hveradalir Geothermal Area does not have any restriction in regards of visiting times. Of course, there is also no admission.


Visiting Hveradalir Geothermal Area

There are fixed paths through the area. At some parts, they are rather like hiking trails, but most of them are wooden boardwalk. Especially when you enter the Hveradalir area, you also pass some documenting signs, which give you some helpful information (in Icelandic and English) about the area and its geothermal activities. You initially pass hot springs and steam area. If you walk deeper into the area, you also pass along some mud pots.

These rear parts of the area also come with a significantly higher intensity of steam. I love the different color this geophysical structure is creating and how nature feels to permanently change in there. As you also walk slightly uphill, you have some nice views of the area as well. There are no geysers, though. Your visit at the geothermal area takes you some 30 to 40 minutes.


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