Wellnest Cologne

Wellnest Cologne



4.1/5 Pros

  • Nice private spa layout
  • Friendly service Cons

  • Limited food availability at our visit

After my wife and I overall had a nice stay at the Wellnest Private Spa in Essen, we were curious about how the experience in one of their newest will be like. In September 2023, we visited the Wellnest in Cologne. Here is our experience, based on a four hour stay.


Wellnest Cologne – Location & Access

The new Wellnest location is based in the former Carlswerk grounds in Cologne-Muelheim. The former industrial site features some rather interesting companies, including the two Lukas Podolski ones (a fashion brand and a fast-food one). You also have some concert venues there, namely the Carlswerk Victoria and the Club Volta, which I also featured in some concert reports so far. Before having the four hour stay at Wellnest Cologne, we slept at the Moxy Cologne Muelheim. The Wellnest has sufficient reserved parking lots in front of the building (no charge), but you need to walk a bit to get there by public transport. The options are the bus stations Mülheimer Ring (lines 150, 159) or Carlswerkstraße (150 only) or tram line 4 to Keupstraße, which also features several bus connections.

Wellnest opens daily from 10:00 until midnight. You reserve a time slot beforehand and pay the spa at the time of reservation already.


Wellnest Cologne – Tariff

The price for the Wellnest is generally per person. It also differs by time. Monday to Friday, the hourly rate is 24.90 EUR from 10:00 to 16:00 and 27.90 EUR thereafter. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, you generally pay 29.90 EUR per person and hour. On top of that, you can typically book several upgrades and “packages” like having towels and a bathrobe in your private spa. These items are typically paid by visit, i.e. regardless how long you stay.


Wellnest Cologne – The Private Spa

Wellnest calls their private spas “nests”. There are quite a lot of them in the Cologne place. Nonetheless, you definitely should book ahead – Wellnest is booked out most of the time. The entrance area of the spa was really nice and also offered access to the bathroom. This area also featured the key control unit, where you can select between different light settings, chose one of the pre-defined playlists or simply adjust the volume. The latter was a bit of tricky, as the different between two volume options could be rather massive.

We loved having the large, round relax area as well as a small bar-alike table zone, which you could for example use for grabbing a bite. The sauna was opposite to that area. You can chose between different temperature settings at check-in. The other side of the “nest” featured the really large whirlpool and the shower. There was also a cold water bucket shower. We loved the two whirlpool settings and that Wellnest Cologne provides you with a jug of water and ice.


Wellnest Cologne – Food & Drink

As in most private spa locations, you can order food by using the touchscreen control in the room (or by connecting to it on your mobile). Your order is delivered through a lock-alike system in the cabinet of the lounge, so that there is no interaction with the staff. The private informs you about the order by illuminating the cupboard for some half a minute and displaying a message on the TV set. We felt that depending what you are doing in that moment (e.g. being in the sauna, whirlpool or simply in the bathroom), you might not see that – and an acoustic signal would be favorable.

The general food selection did not have too many thrills – some salads, sandwiches, basic finger food and a selection of drinks. Prices were absolutely reasonable. However, despite we were visiting on a Saturday morning, quite some of the food items have been sold out, including one of our favorites for these places, a salad. Overall, the food quality in the Wellnest place was nice, the waiting time for food was reasonable.


Wellnest Cologne – Service

The staff at check-in and check-out was really friendly and guided us nicely through our visit. The “nest” offers free WiFi, which worked out well. My Android mobile also offered to connect to the TV screen and use Chromecast for video transmission. We also used it to play music via Spotify.

The room warns you 15 minutes before your stay is over. Again, there is just a message on the TV which is telling you that. An acoustic signal would be better. Some five to ten minutes before the end of the visit, the systems are starting the preparations for the next visitor, e.g. stopping to heat the sauna or releasing the water from the whirlpool.


Wellnest Cologne – My View

We had a good time at Wellnest Cologne. Overall, we felt that there were quote some improvements in the Cologne place than at Wellnest Essen, which we visited earlier. However, the (non-)availability of food was an issue. Furthermore, some things are still definitely better in peer locations, especially having acoustic signals for events.


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