Wellnest Bonn

Wellnest Bonn



4.2/5 Pros

  • Good location
  • Friendly staff
  • Very relaxing with a lot of privacy Cons

  • Directions difficult
  • Smaller / less comfortable than peers

After having visited their outlets in Essen and Cologne already, my wife and I made use of Good Friday 2024 and visited Wellnest in Bonn. Private spas feel to come more and more popular in Germany – and thus it was a nice use of the public holiday to check this place out. Here is my review.


Wellnest Bonn – Location & Access

Wellnest Bonn is located close to the Verteilerkreis (major roundabout) in the North of the city. The address is Bornheimer Straße 127, but if you come by car, you have to enter the complimentary parking lot from the South via the Heinrich-Böll-Ring. Unfortunately, there are hardly any signs to find the directions. If you want to use public transport, the closest bus stop is Ellerstraße (bus 602), which is just a few steps away from the entrance. Several tram lines also serve the nearby Bonn West stop. The area around the private spa is very commercial.

Wellnest Bonn is opening daily from 10:00 to midnight. You typically won’t be able to walk in. Popular dates like evening time slots or weekends are booked out way before your in fact visit. You reserve and pay online through the website of the provider.


Wellnest Bonn – Tariff

Like in similar places, the tariff depends on the time, the duration of your stay and the number of people in the private spa. Prices start at 24.90 EUR per person and hour for Monday to Friday morning sessions and range to Saturday and Sunday prices of 29.90 EUR. On top of that, you pay for different packages. We just went for the Basic package, which provides a smaller towel, a sauna towel and a bathrobe. You can also choose a flavor for the sauna and the temperature.


Wellnest Bonn – The Private Spa

Wellnest Bonn overall drives 18 private spa cabins. The equipment is absolutely in line with the two locations I have been to before. There is a large whirlpool with a shower (with different settings) on the one side of the room. The shower also includes a cold water bucket, which is very convenient after having a sauna, which is located on the other side of the room. Opposite to that sweating chamber, there is a larger relax area and the TV, which can be watched from several spots of the room, explicitly including the whirlpool. The shower allows you to change temperature. The room size is given with 35 square meters, equivalent to Wellnest Cologne.

The wardrobe is located right behind the entrance door. It also features the lock, which is used when you order food or drinks (see below). There is also a private sink with a hairdryer and a private toilet. The latter is of course located in a separate room and features a Japanese style toilet shower. The room was absolutely clean, the Wellnest has several employees caring for that. On the negative side, there is no massage facility and the room felt smaller than in other private spas in Germany (regardless of the branding). The screen in the room also allows you to set different moods and connect your mobile. We did not try it out this time, after negative experience in previous visits.


Wellnest Bonn – Food & Drink

There is a touchscreen in the room, which allows you to set different lights, control the speakers and order food. The food offering was rather in line with the other outlets. Especially compared to our Cologne visit, the service was really quick. This is a key advantage, as typically, you wait for food being delivered and cannot enjoy facilities like the sauna. We had vegetable sticks with hummus and chicken fingers (which we knew from other locations as well). The food quality was fine. Wellnest Bonn also offers larger salad bowls, ice creams, wraps and several other items.


Wellnest Bonn – Service

The reception staff was really friendly. We could chose from three aromas for the sauna at check-in and just had a short waiting time. In contrast to other places, the Bonn outlet insisted on putting our bags into lockers to prevent that we bring in food or glass items with us (However, the drinks have been in glass bottles….). The reception area is also a store where you can buy some sauna flavors, body scrubs, experience vouchers and similar items. The TV screen is counting down the last 15 minutes before you have to leave the private spa.

Wellnest Bonn – My View

The location of Wellnest Bonn is not too bad. However, the directions could be clearer. Overall, we enjoyed the service there. The staff was very nice and also the food and drink service was quicker than in Cologne, which is definitely a plus compared to that previous stay. Thus, the Wellnest in Bonn just makes it to the best rating of the three outlets we visited so far. Nonetheless, other providers give you a more comfortable experience. Thus, this place just misses the Top Pick! rating, but gave us a lovely relaxing Friday morning.


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