Premier Inn Dubai International Airport

Premier Inn Dubai International Ariport



3.9/5 Pros

  • Absolutely solid Premier Inn room
  • Nice staff
  • Very solid breakfast
  • Good WiFi Cons

  • Location looks good, but is in fact rather poor

A strike in Germany caused me to re-book my February 2024 flight to Dubai. Instead of Thursday morning, I landed in the U.A.E. metropolis on Wednesday late night already at rather short notice. Looking for a hotel close to the airport, I opted for a hotel which I anyways felt like checking out one day. The Premier Inn Dubai International Airport is located very close to Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport (DXB) and thus felt like an ideal choice. Here is my report.


Premier Inn Dubai Int. Airport – Location

The hotel is located right South of Terminal 3 of Dubai Int. Airport (DXB). When you exit the terminal on Departure level, you can see the upper levels of the hotel and the illuminated ad. It could be a rather easy walk from the terminal to the hotel. Unfortunately, there is a problem named D89 or Airport Road. The motorway-alike road is absolutely impassable as a pedestrian. The same blocking applies for the adjacent Holiday Inn Express hotel. However, due to the roads around, their guests might walk to Emirates Metro Station 2. The only realistic connection is a complementary bus shuttle provided by the hotel. I will discuss it below.

Due to the “blocking” road, you cannot profit at all from the facilities at the airport. There are no facilities apart from the ones located within the two hotels. In order to commute in Dubai, you first need to travel on wheels: taxi, rental car or shuttle bus. The reception told guests that there may be an overpass one day. As the hotel has opened in the early 2010’s, I would not bet on it, though. They also operate a parking garage if you come by car.


Premier Inn Dubai Int. Airport – Room

I had one night at the Premier Inn Dubai International Airport, from Wednesday to Thursday. The rather short notice booking for a double room including breakfast was 574 AED, roughly 144 EUR. The room did not feel too unfamiliar (meaning: the design had quite some common features with European hotels). The room was rather large and could have easily handled more luggage. The table for work was actually really nice as well. In contrast to the Premier Inn hotels I stayed in before, the Dubai one has a frdige. Water is provided.

The bathroom with combined bathtub and shower and a separate bidet was really nice. You did feel here and there a bit that the hotel had opened more than a decade ago, but it was absolutely clean and comfortable. There was one liquid soap dispenser at the sink and another one at the shower / tub. Despite the proximity to the airport and the highway, the hotel felt really quiet.


Premier Inn Dubai Int. Airport – Breakfast

German Premier Inn hotels typically have better breakfast than the very standardized British outlets. Thus, I overall did not expect too much in regards of the breakfast quality. Actually, though, the buffet was really nice. It definitely cannot keep up with the hotels I stayed in thereafter like the The WB Abu Dhabi or the Conrad Abu Dhabi, but it came with a certain selection. They also had Arabian dishes and Indian curry – I love that wide range of breakfast in the Arabian country in general.

The hotel lobby also feature a 24/7 coffee shop.


Premier Inn Dubai Int. Airport – Service

As the vast majority of guests comes with the shuttle and thus there are strong peaks, check-in may take a bit. The staff is very friendly and efficient, though. WiFi in the room works well, too. The place is not only the first Premier Inn outside of Europe I stayed in, but also the first one with a gym and / or a pool. Unfortunately, I could not explore the pool (I was there out of pool hours). The gym was not too bad, though.

The shuttle bus is a nightmare in my point of view. There are hotel shuttle points at T3 Departures and T1 Arrivals level. The trip takes almost 30 minutes (at arrival, the trip even took some 40 minutes from T3) and even in the night, it may be packed. In the morning, when I had to head to the Hertz car rental at the airport (T1), I just got a seat. The rationale is that on top of people just arrived or just about to depart from the travel hub, a lot of people simply need the shuttle to connect to Dubai Metro and get into the city. The hotel also offers some mall shuttles.


Premier Inn Dubai Int. Airport – My View

The Premier Inn Dubai International Airport has a huge problem: even though I flagged it as such, it is definitely not an airport hotel. You are fully dependent on the shuttle to get to and from the hotel if you don’t have a (rental) car or want to ride a taxi. If you do so (either option), you can also easily go for one of the solid and not too pricey Deira hotels and take a taxi there. It may be cheaper and also provides you at least with some basic shops and restaurants, if you feel like a drink or a quick bite. Don’t get me wrong: the hotel is doing a good job – but without a tunnel or bridge over Airport Road, there are just too many better competitive options around.


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