SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen (CPH)

SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen (CPH)



4.2/5 Pros

  • Likely the best SAS Lounge
  • Nice, large area
  • Solid food Cons

  • Serves Non-Schengen flights as well

As my trip to the Faroe Islands in September 2023 was on two split tickets, a SAS one from Dusseldorf (DUS) to Copenhagen (CPH) and an Atlantic Airways one from the Danish capital to Vagar / Faroe Islands Airport (FAE), I also had the opportunity to visit the SAS Gold Lounge on my way back home. I indeed have been there before, but I never really made it to collect material for a lounge review. Luckily, this time I had sufficient time and the lounge was sufficiently empty, which allowed me to take some snaps.


SAS Gold Lounge CPH – Location & Access

Even though I would see Copenhagen Airport (CPH) as the main hub of SAS Scandinavian Airlines, they just run a single lounge there. This especially means that the same lounge is serving Schengen and Non-Schengen flights. Accordingly, if you have a Non-Schengen flight (e.g. to North America or the United Kingdom), you have to leave the lounge comparably early and then go through passport control and other potential security measures. There are Non-Schengen lounges by other providers at the airport, though. Some might be available for a buy-in.The lounge itself is located rather at the end of the terminal, close to the entrance to the C-Gates.

There are two lounges in one. When you enter the reception area, you head left to the “ordinary” Business Lounge (which is on the same level) and right to the Gold Lounge, which is majorly on the upper floor. Access is majorly restricted to Star Alliance Gold passengers, including all eligible SAS status customers with a corresponding status, SAS Eurobonus Gold and SAS Eurobonus Diamond. The lounge does not accept any buy-in or lounge pass. “Ordinary” SAS Plus and SAS Business Class passengers use the SAS Lounge.


SAS Gold Lounge CPH – Atmosphere

There is a small gold lounge area on the lower (gate) level, which is presumably for passengers who are not able or not feel like taking the staircase. The upper level area is huge and features several areas. The largest part features bistro-style and cozy seating and the two key gastronomic facilities the cafe bar and the buffet. facing the passenger / gate area is a more separate area which is designated for working. There are multiple working booths, but also major tables, which are suitable to have meeting in the SAS Gold Lounge Oslo.

There is also an area at the “rear” of the lounge, which is typically rather crowded. It is an a bit more cozy place with added privacy. Thus, it is rather popular and I could not take as many snaps as I could do in other sections of the lounge.


SAS Gold Lounge CPH – Food & Drink

There is one central food buffet at the SAS Gold Lounge in Copenhagen. The food selection is a bit better than in other SAS locations. The key focus is on salad and cold dishes as well a soup, but you also get some warm bites.

Regarding the drinks, alcohol is a bit of limited, while the range of soft drinks is rather typical. The cafe bar with coffee and tea specialties is, however, definitely the heart of the lounge in regards of nutrition.


SAS Gold Lounge CPH – Services

A few work benches in the rear of the lounge feature computers. You may have a shower at the SAS Gold Lounge as well. The toilets are typical Scandinavian cabins, i.e. a combination of a toilet and a sink in one room. The WiFi provided works very well.


SAS Gold Lounge CPH – My View

From all SAS lounges I know, I would rate the Copenhagen Gold Lounge to be the best. However, it is really weird that SAS runs only one lounge at one of their key places for Schengen and Non-Schengen combined. The food is limited, but good, the atmosphere is nice and even when it is rather packed, you likely find the right spot to hang out before your flight. Not top notch, but a good one.


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