MUDETEC / Museo delle Tecnologie (Sant’ Agata Bolognese)


15 EUR


3.9/5 Pros

  • Posh cars
  • Very nice and modern presentation
  • A place full of Lamborghinis Cons

  • Too small
  • Strange re-branding
  • No parking at the museum

Even though my summer 2021 trip to the Emilia-Romagna was majorly featuring the two Ferrari Museums in Maranello and Modena, I also had a look into a museum of another well-known Italian manufacturer: Lamborghini. The museum in their home town Sant’Agata Bolognese has recently been rebranded from the Museo Lamborghini to MUDETEC – Museo Delle Tecnologie (or: Technology Museum). I have been really curious to have a look into this place as well and explore the rebranding to a more general car / tech place.


MUDETEC – Location & Admission

Sant’Agata Bolognese is a small village located between Modena and Bologna in Italy. The museum is located right inside the Lamborghini premises. This unfortunately also implies that you cannot park close to the museum, but have to find a spot in the commercial areas around. It is doable, but gave me some 400 meters extra walk. The whole community of Sant’Agata is home of some 7,000 people, there are no other important touristic sites.

Adult admission to the museum is 15 Euro. There are possibilities to combine the museum with a factory tour – which I would recommend without having visited it. The museum times at my visit were 9:30 to 18:00 hrs. For the museum only, I feel that reserving one hour in your calendar is absolutely fine.


MUDETEC – The Visit

First of all: during my visit, there was only one car brand in display (namely: Lamborghini). I will not go too much into detail, but also as the space of the museum is not overwhelmingly large, I feel that the re-branding is a fail. You start with a memorable tunnel-alike show before you enter the showrooms. There are a lot of interactive displays / touchscreens with give you the key facts about the cars. Languages provided are Italian and English, so that it is really easy to get along. Not only due to time slot tickets, there were really few people around, which lead to a very relaxed atmosphere. You enter the museum on the lower level. There is also a gallery-style upper level. The first car in display I saw was already an impressing one: the V12 Vision – definitely an outstanding design.

After that, you have a nice stroll through the history of the Italian brand, including models you don’t think about at first like the jeep LM-002. The upper level of the museum features some additional really interesting models like the STO or the Aventador. Similar to the Ferrari exhibition in Maranello, the MUDETEC also features some illustrations in how far you can modify your sports car individually.


MUDETEC – Services

Opposite to the MUDETEC entrance is a Lamborghini souvenir store. Unfortunately, I failed to do some reasonable pictures there. I like the style of the Lamborghini fashion more than the Ferrari one. In regards of pricing, the two posh Italian brands do not significantly differ. The store also had some toys like LEGO models.

There is also car simulator, if you want to enjoy the “Lambo feeling” virtually. However, the device has not been working at my visit. You may also download an app, which then gives you additional museum content like the sound of the engines of the cars in the museum. I feel that this is a really nice option for car lovers.



It is a matter of taste – but in general, I liked the Lamborghini cars at the MUDETEC more than the Ferraris in the other two museums. The design feels even more individual. On the other side, the museum is really rather small and does not feature a lot of racing models, for example. I feel Lamborghini deserves better. Additionally, I don’t understand the rebranding. If people go to that place, they want to see Lamborghini cars. Otherwise, they would head to Maranello. Car lovers will still love that place.


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