Punta Del Teno Lighthouse and TF-445 Road (Tenerife)

Teneriffe TF-445 & Punta Del Teno



4.0/5 Pros

  • Lovely roadtrip
  • Nice views
  • Watching people fishing in the morning Cons

  • Limited access (only early / late hours)
  • Access to lighthouse blocked

In order to take the trip to the very Western point of Tenerife on your own, you have to get up early. Luckily, the road to the Punta Del Teno Lighthouse started just few kilometers from the Melia Hacienda del Conde hotel where my wife and I stayed it. Thus, I could not stand and took an early pre-breakfast tour to this interesting place, following Tenerife route TF-445.


TF-445 – Location & Road Restrictions

TF-445 is a nine kilometer long road between Buenavista del Norte and Punta Del Teno. Compared to other mountain roads and byways in Tenerife, it is comparably wide.

However, there is a traffic limitation of TF-445. From 10:00 to 19:00 hrs (in the summer already from 9:00 hrs onwards), the road is limited to taxis, public bus services and vehicles with special exceptions like locals. The bus is leaving hourly and costs one Euro per way. I did the road by rental car at 8:00. Including a longer stop exploring the lighthouse area, I returned to Buenavista after about an hour. The road was closed completely in the past due to rockfall. The key reason for the traffic limitations is the very limited parking space at Punta Del Teno.


Traveling along TF-445

Within the Buenavista city boundaries, TF-445 is an ordinary two lane road and is open all day. After the barrier and the start of the traffic limitation (see picture above), the road turns into a wider one-lane one, which would still allow to pass another car (two buses might be quite tricky, though). While the hillsides are protected against falling rock and stabilized, you here and there see some quite massive rocks. On the other hand, the first kilometers offer some really nice views of the Buenavista valley.

Shortly after km. 4, you reach the most iconic part of the whole short road trip, a fully straight, but non-illuminated impressive tunnel through the mountains, Afterwards, you have some beautiful views and also pass two plantations. One of them is still in use, while the other one is just ruins. From that point onwards, you already see the lighthouse and more or less go downhill towards it. There is no detour for the way back – you take the exactly same route back to Buenavista.


Punta Del Teno – Lighthouse and Cape

At the end of the road, which is very close to the milestone for the ninth kilometer, there are two parking lots, one on each side. The area is quite rough, there is one house near the lighthouse, which has a touch of a bed & breakfast, but in fact does not seem to be one. Below the parking lots, there is a natural harbor with some basic facilities.

There are some paved tracks and even a wooden footbridge, which easily allows you to walk around and enjoy the morning sun over the Atlantic ocean. A hidden part of the peninsula is a popular place among the locals for fishing.

The remaining road up to the lighthouse is closed for public. You may not enter the landmark directly, but walk up to a gate, which allows to have a look at the tower. The lighthouse is still in use.


Punta Del Teno & TF-445 – My View

It was just a short trip in the Tenerife morning sun – but I really loved to follow TF-445 to the lighthouse. The route is quite iconic and – as it is not quite far away from the key touristic areas of the island – it is also quite a peaceful and quiet place in the morning. If you are around, I definitely recommend to take the route. about Tenerife

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