Dyrholaey (Iceland, Pictured Story)

The black lava beaches of Iceland are one of the must visits to many tourists. One of the most well-known places for that are the black beaches around Dyrholeay (which, as far as I understand, translates to “Doorhole Island”). On the second day of our trip along the Icelandic Ring Road in April and May 2023, my life and I explored the area around this place. I share some views of it in this Pictured Story.


Dyrholaey – Location

Dyrholaey is located in Southern Iceland, the closest city nearby is Vik i Myrdal. From Reykjavik, the drive is about two and a half hour or 180 km. Dyholaey is very conveniently located, you just have to take a few kilometers’ detour from the Ring Road South towards route 218. The road is paved and easy to drive with any kind of car. Alternatively, there are several bus tours stopping in the area. Public transport will not help you too much to visit the peninsula.

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When you visit Dyrholaey, you typically visit two places. One viewpoint, a bit further to the East, gives a great view of the Reynisfjara black beach. A bit up the hill to the West, you are close to the light tower and have a great view to the North, the West and the Atlantic Ocean. Both places come with a well-maintained parking lot. You mal also walk from one spot to the other. Drones are not permitted. There are no restrictions regarding the times you visit the place. Admission is free.


Dyrholaey – Cliff Area / Reynisfjara View

We first headed East to the area, which is having a few cliffs and offering the breathtaking views of the Reynisfjara black beach. There are also two monuments in this area. the first one featuring a former ship lifter. It takes some time to walk around – but it is absolutely worth it. The best views are, of course, the ones heading East towards the famous beach and the characteristic rock in the middle. You can, by the way, explore the beach also from its East end, following the 215 road. Even the very last picture of this section, which shows nothing but a public toilet (see below) feels to be beautiful, doesn’t it?


Dyrholaey – Lighthouse Area

You more or less do a short circular hike around the lighthouse. Entering the lighthouse itself, though, is not possible. As you see in the first pictures below, you again have a great view of the black beach East of Dyrholaey, but I liked the views of the West of this point (I found the name Endless Black Beach) even more. Last but not least, the views of the North and Northwest from the light tower, including some of the volcanoes, is simply breathtaking.


Dyrholaey – Services

The East parking lot is featuring an electric car charger as well as a toilet. The pay machine for the toilet was not active during my visit, so that admission has been free. The bathrooms actually offered some really nice views of the area. and Iceland

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