Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura

Icelandair Hotel Natura

20,240 ISK (night only)


3.4/5 Pros

  • Right at RKV Eagle Air Terminal
  • Beautiful spa area
  • Very good restaurant Cons

  • Significant organizational issues

During one of my trips to Iceland in 2021, I decided to have two nights right at Reykjavik Domestic Airport (RKV). I was around that area so often and felt it must be a nice experience to watch the departing and landing domestic flights on Reykjavik’s central air hub. Finally, this did not happen – and I had a rather interesting stay at the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura. By the way, the hotel is driven by the same company as the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica.


Icelandair Hotel Natura – Location & Transport

The Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura is located just East of Reykjavik Domestic Airport. The hotel is next to the Icelandair offices, the rear entrance is more or less opposite Eagle Air Terminal. In order to get to Icelandair Domestic flights, though, you need to drive around Reykjavíkurflugvöllur, how the airport is called in Icelandic. This takes some five to ten minutes by car.

The hotel has a large free parking lot, which might be rather packed during the evening hours (at daytime, ISAVIA and Icelandair use it as well). There are not too many stores or restaurants around (other than the one driven by the hotel). By public transport, you connect to the hotel by buses 5 and 8. However, this place is rather a sensible booking if you are exploring Reykjavik and the sites around by car.


Icelandair Hotel Natura – The Room

I booked a Queen Superior Room, refundable, for a two night total of 55,180 ISK, roughly 395 EUR. The stay was in mid October 2021. However, in addition to the 40,480 ISK room price, I pre-booked admission to the spa (2,000 ISK per day), breakfast (2,900 ISK per day) and dinner (4,900 ISK). The dinner was a bit of misleading, as you could only book it once for the whole stay. In addition, my booking via the hotel website automatically included a 2,500 ISK credit for additional expenses.

The room was actually quite nice. Icelandic hotel rooms are (too) expansive too often, so even though October is not Icelandic peak season, it is in the higher price range. I asked the hotel for a room facing the runway at the time of booking (by the reservation). The handling of the reservation was terrible (see below), so that it was not that surprising that my view was to the opposite direction. The mini bar was not filled due to Covid-19 measures. Another thing I really liked was the large room size.

The bathroom felt a bit of basic and did not have too much charming attitude. However, the amenities provided were really nice. The whole room was absolutely clean.


Icelandair Hotel Natura – Breakfast & Food

The restaurant satt on ground floor served all meals. Like breakfast, dinner was served as a buffet. I liked the performance of the hotel and its restaurant in all four cases (see below). The breakfast had some nice items like quite a nice range of fresh vegetables and a waffle machine.

The dinner buffet was a very solid one as well. Sometimes, the team felt to struggle with refilling the items – you have to admit, though, that the restaurant was rather packed. The range of items was really nice – I would have wished for a slightly more Icelandic touch, maybe – but I absolutely loved the quality, so that I finally did not care at all.


Icelandair Hotel Natura – Spa & Sport

The restaurant of the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura is really good – but the spa area is just outstanding. The pool and hot tub is really nice and comes with a beautiful relax area. You can also have a sauna after a long day in Iceland. There was a lot of struggle regarding the correct spa opening times during my visit (see below). Finally, the area was opening 8-12 and 16-20. I expected longer hours (they were not given on the website), especially in the evening, so that I could not make use of the spa as much as I intended to do. The hotel also runs a gym. Unfortunately, I did not manage to have a look into it as well.


Icelandair Hotel Natura – Services

The reception staff was really motivated – but their service was too low. This unfortunately already started at check-in, when the receptionist saw the total price but not all the additional packages (e.g. meals and spa) I booked. I would also expect that you are reminded of your hotel credit. In addition, he confirmed my impression that I paid dinner for both evenings. This took a huge while to be resolved during check-out. The wording on the website is slightly misleading. Other service issues were that they did not even know the correct spa times at the reception. The processes were obviously poor as well – after finally one staff member confirmed that the spa opens at 8:00 in the morning (with a break at noon), it took me about 20 minutes to finally get in.

The WiFi quality in the hotel was really good. For typical snacks and travel items, the hotel is operating a small kiosk.


Icelandair Hotel Natura – My View

Bad luck – this place has so much potential. But finally, it have been majorly organizational weaknesses, which spoiled this two night stay at the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura. Such a shame, as the rooms are nice, the spa and the restaurant are amazing. But they just did not do the basic stuff right. The value for money is also questionable under these circumstances.


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