Bitburger Brewery World

Bitburger Brewery World ("Erlebniswelt")



3.8/5 Pros

  • Interesting presentation
  • Includes two drinks at the end of the tour, and some in the city on top Cons

  • Not too motivated staff

Bitburg is a comparably small town in the German Eifel region in West Germany, not too far away from the borders to Belgium and Luxembourg. Likely, the town would not be too well-known if there was not the world-famous brewery in town. The brand Bitburger and the slogan Bitte ein Bit… is very well-known in all Germany. On a trip back from Luxembourg, my wife and I had a tour at the Bitburger Brewery World, originally named Bitburger Erlebniswelt in German.


Bitburger Brewery World – Location & Admission

The Brewery Wolrd is located in the very close to Central Bitburg, rather on the Western edge of it. It is located in the same building as the Stadthalle, the main venue of the city. Thus, there are also sufficient parking facilities around. Some of the administrative buildings are right next to the Erlebniswelt, which is a former brewing facility, but is not used any more nowadays.

There are regular time slots for the guided tours through the Bitburger Erlebniswelt. Typically, they start some every two hours from 10:00 hrs, but this may vary and should be checked on the website. You should reserve a slot at a tour anyway. The admission is 9 EUR. This includes two free drinks and a pretzel at the end of the tour a well as four additional coupons for free drinks, if you consume a main meal in selected restaurants in the city of Bitburg.

Bitburger Brewery World – The Visit

The tour through the Bitburger Erlebniswelt is a mixture of self-marketing and an overview of how beer is made. The first section tells you about the history of the Bitburger Brewery and the different managers who headed the company. There are quite a lot of exhibits in this area and the tour passed along them very quickly – so that it had been really a shame that you cannot go back to this place and explore it in detail. Later, you learn about the development of the Bitburger logo and how careful Bitburger is selecting the ingredients for their beer. That’s sometimes a bit too much in my point of view. Of course, these places should represent and promote the brand, but Bitburger pushed a bit too much in my point of view. A nice idea, though, is that you for example can try the water they use to brew the popular drink.

The tour is using a former production site, so that you are really able to explore the process step by step. The explanation is good, so that you overall get a really nice overview of the process. The tour also stays in your mind due to the visuals they are producing. Bad luck, though, that the guide we had did not feel too motivated, but overall, getting through the different steps of making beer was very educating as well.

Th tour finishes in a bar-alike area. At the end of the tour, every visitor can use vouchers attached to the ticket and have up to two drinks and a pretzel. As Gerolsteiner is part of the Bitburger franchise and there are also alcohol-free drinks produced by the company, this part of visiting the Bitburger Erlebniswelt is not very nice and relaxed, but also suitable for kids.


Bitburger Brewery World – Services

One of Bitburger’s key restaurants is located right next to the Brewery World building. Of course, they are one of the regional partners who accept the drink vouchers. The building which hosts the tour is also having a souvenir shop. You cannot only buy company-branded items, but also drinks – some of them might be rather difficult to get in your local drink store.


Bitburger Brewery World – My View

The tour through the Bitburger Erlebniswelt is nice. I felt that similar factory tours I did like the Heineken Experience Amsterdam felt more posh, more catching, but also maybe even more like marketing. Finally, you get a lot of beer and a really nice hang-out for just nine Euro… This is really a good deal. So if you are interested in the famous Eifel beer, this visit is likely a no-brainer for you.


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