Car Rental Review – Europcar Stuttgart Main Station – Fiat 500X

Europcar Stuttgart Main Station



3.9/5 Pros

  • Nicely located office (despite construction works ongoing)
  • Overall, very good rental and return process
  • Nice staff Cons

  • Rather long walk to parking lot from office
  • Very narrow parking lots

Getting to the Seepark Biker Days 2023 in Pfullendorf required a rental car from Stuttgart Main Station to the town in Southern Germany. For that sake, I opted for a rental with Europcar in late June 2023. Here is my review.


Europcar Stuttgart Main Station – The Rental

I had a two day rental at Stuttgart Maintenance with Europcar, Friday to Sunday in June/July 2023. I opted for the VW Polo class. The two day rental with basic insurance and 600km included  (which was absolutely fine for my purpose) was 118.36 EUR.


Europcar Stuttgart Main Station – Location & Office

Stuttgart is undergoing a massive renovation and resetting of their station, so that everything is a bit temporary. Finally, the Europcar office is located in the same building as the German Rail Lounge I already introduced you to. The same building located West of the train station hosts the ticket office and the rental desks of the competitors Hertz, Sixt and Avis.

At the time of writing, Europcar at Stuttgart Main Station is operating 8:00 to 19:00 daily. On Sundays, they already close at 18:00, while Monday times are 9:00 to 20:00.


Europcar Stuttgart Main Station – Receiving The Car

Getting to the rental car facility is a bit more convenient than it used to be when I was at Stuttgart last time. However, I had to wait quite long for the rental as the customer manager was in a call in a nearby room, which felt rather private. However, after five minutes of waiting, the rental process was very smooth. The cars are located in a parking garage underneath the railroad tracks. It is a short walk to the elevator and then another two or three minutes within the garage to get to the rental car parking slots. They are shared among all rental companies.


Europcar Stuttgart Main Station – Returning The Car

The return of the car was about same way, vice versa. However, even more when renting the car, I was exposed to quite massive traffic around Stuttgart Main Station (despite it has been a Sunday). The directions to the rental car garage are given on the road. However, the car park was absolutely packed and the section which is thought to be meant for rental cars was absolutely packed. Unfortunately some of the very few parking lots available were so narrow that I could not even park the car and open the driver door with the relatively small Fiat. I am sure that this leads to a major risk that your car is damaged after you in fact return it.

The keys can either be brought back to the station or put into one of the key safe boxes of Europcar.


The Car – Fiat 500X

The Fiat I received was actually quite nice and likely a small upgrade to the VW Polo I booked. It had quite a lot of safety features like lane assistance and even a GPS. The more I was surprised that the 7000km run car neither featured a rear view camera nor a collision warning system. Actually, the car had quite a nice trunk, so that I no problem to store my suitcase, my camera equipment and my electric stuff in there.


Europcar Stuttgart Main Station – My View

One thing I really struggle with at this rental is the parking situation. The walk to the car rental car park is quite a bit – and the parking capacity and parking lot width is just too low at Stuttgart Main Station. Europcar as such did a good job, with kind staff (at a bit of waiting time on the rental) and a good car. Bad luck that the location as such just could not match that. and Stuttgart

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