Brussels Grand Square – The Heart of the City (Pictured Story)

One thing about tour-chasing is that it leads to several places in a rather short time. The Weird Al Yankovic European Tour in early 2023 also brought me to Brussels. The Belgian capital is in fact quite close to Leverkusen in Germany where I am living. I nonetheless don’t make it there too often. It features quite some well-known attractions though. After I already introduced you to the most famous (and most discussed) one, Manneken Pis and his museum, my Pictured Story today takes you to a real beauty, the Grand Square. The Grand-Place de Bruxelles, how it is named in French, is the heart of the city center – and a beauty in architecture. The Dutch name is Grote Markt.


Grand Square – Location and Transport

The Grand Square is really at the heart of the city, which also means that you are in the center of the pedestrian area as well. The closest bus stop is named Grand-Place (lines 33, 48, 95), which is actually some blocks away to the South. Another good transport option is just taking the train – Brussels Central Station (be aware that international services don’t stop here) is rather close. Not too far away from the station is also the Centrale metro station.

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Views of Grand Square

Fun fact about the Grand Square, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage nowadays: initially, it was a swap and you couldn’t put any houses on it in the 11th century still. Not only based on that, the square nowadays looks really posh and hosts some key attractions of the city, including the town hall, the City Museum and the home of the Dukes of Brabant. Nowadays, it is also very touristic and does not only host some places with rather limited reviews (e.g. the Brussels Beer Museum, but also all kinds of bars and restaurants. This place is simply unbeatable on sunny day.

Apart from the massive buildings themselves, you should definitely also take a look to their rich decorations. The Grand Square is loaded with statues and ornaments on practically any house around the square. Unfortunately, you should also look out for pickpockets in that area as well, especially on peak times. about Belgium

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