Pure Spa Oberhausen

Pure Spa Oberhausen



3.9/5 Pros

  • Beautifully designed, large suite
  • Good location and pricing Cons

  • Some major service lacks
  • No Bluetooth music or standard TV

One of places my wife and I really loved to visit in pandemic times are private spa suites. We already tested some of them. In December 2021, we visited a brand-new peer in this business, the Pure Spa in Oberhausen. Here are our thoughts.


Pure Spa – Location & Times

Pure Spa in Oberhausen is located in a residential area in Oberhausen-Sterkrade. The location is actually really nice: there are very good connections to the A3 and A516 motorways and the walk to/from the Oberhausen Sterkrade train station is also not that far. Bus 956 connects to the Hagedornstraße stop, which is in front of the private spa suite center.

Pure Spa is opening daily. The operation times are 9:00 to 22:00 hours.


Pure Spa – Pricing

In contrast to other spa suite places we visited so far, Pure Spa only runs one type of spa suites. The suites hold one to three people. The price varies by number of people in the suite and whether it is a weekday (Monday to Friday) or a weekend day (Saturday, Sunday, bank holiday). Two hours (which is the minimum stay) for two people on a weekday is 88 Euro and 96 Euro during the weekend. Towels and bathrobe for two people in a package are 29 Euro. You may purchase the items separately.


Pure Spa – The Suite

Pure Spa runs fifteen spa suites in parallel. Compared to the other two peers we stayed in (MyWellness Cologne and MySpa Mainz), we liked the design of the Oberhausen suite most. The dressing room was a bit too compact, but the swinging seats and the swinging lounger right next to the artificial fireplace (which is not heating, so that it is a perfect place to put towels, mobile phones etc. on it) are absolutely cosy. The sauna was sufficiently large. Before the visit, you were able to choose an infusion for it. The shower was a bit of strange to handle, but really nice and large. The whirlpool in an elevated position was awesome. We struggled with the combination of the buddha-style statues and the Arabic ornaments – but that’s just a side note.

The technical equipment of the room was, however, too limited. You may initiate Netflix or Youtube on the TV screen via your mobile (you may only watch TV from the whirlpool properly, though), but there was neither a chance to connect your mobile device by Bluetooth (e.g. to play your own music) or to simply watch linear TV. The music thing is especially critical, as it is explicitly stated on their website.

In general, you could not alter the room to your needs, e.g. by changing the light, adjusting the sauna temperature or similar things. If you read Tripadvisor reviews of the Cologne and Mainz places, you have to say that it is not all bad – the more you control there, the more potential for technical trouble there is. The power outlets were not suitable to charge your mobile in the suite itself (the only well-placed power outlet was in the dressing room, separated from the suite with a hard to open door and thus not a sensible option to run the screen. The viisibility of the only watch in the room was rather limited. The suite, of course, features an own toilet.


Pure Spa – Food & Services

Ordering food worked equivalently to the other places we have been to: you order items via a touch screen – and they are delivered to you through a hatch. Pure Spa runs the suite with separate staff areas, so that the food is not delivered at the guest entrance, but the opposite one. The food quality was really good and the pricing was nice. We had antipasti, some fruit, a lovely bruschetta bread and some cake as well as drinks. Unfortunately, even though we explicitly claimed that we ordered two glasses of water and have been charged accordingly, but only received one. No issue that this is happening, but if you ask for it explicitly, they need to check it during your stay. The reception at check-out, of course, corrected the bill.

While we loved the food, the processing time was too long. This took quite a bit of our time, as we were waiting for the food instead of just going on with the whirpool. The hatch is very small, so that our first order, the antipasti, the fruit, three drinks and another towel, did not fit in. The staff felt to be really harsh here reminding us to clear the pass-through. We were surprised that Pure Spa is using glass for drinks – I would always opt for practically unbreakable plastic here.


Pure Spa – My View

Maybe we visited Pure Spa a bit too early. On the one hand, the suite is beautiful. On the other hand, they guarantee things which do not work (playing own music) and claiming an issue which is not properly processed is not acceptable. The location is great, everything is very convenient. I feel that you should at least be able to review your suite’s balance on the touchscreen control. These are all things they can improve the longer the franchise is running. I am sure my wife and I will go for another visit one day.



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