The Lost Chambers Aquarium (Atlantis Hotel Dubai)

The Lost Chambers



4.0/5 Pros

  • Amazing design and presentation
  • Huge water displays
  • A nice reason to have a look inside Atlantis The Palm Cons

  • Does not feel that large as it is
  • Not ideal Covid-19 hygienic handling

I never have been to the Atlantis The Palm in Dubai as a hotel guest – but, of course, it is also worth to have a look into this posh wonderland (with quite a wide range of reviews) and their attractions. Due to my necessity to wear glasses, I am not that much into water parks – but, of course, their aquarium is well-known as well. In December 2020 (just in case you spot Christmas decoration), I visited The Lost Chambers, how the Atlantis-themed aquarium is officially called.


The Lost Chambers – Location & Admission

The Lost Chambers are located in the public area of Atlantis The Palm. You either reach it by taxi, rental car, bus or The Palm Monorail. The hotel offers numerous ways to distract yourself, even if you are not a guest – including the waterpark, swimming with dolphins, shopping and a nice range of restaurants. The hotel provides valet parking if you arrive by (rental) car.

At the time of visiting (and writing), the aquarium is opening daily, noon to 21:00 hrs. From Thursday to Sunday, it even opens doors at 10:00 hrs. Ticket price for adults is 115 AED, roughly 25 Euro.


The Lost Chambers – The Visit

The Lost Chambers is home to some 65,000 marine animals. The first thing you recognize, though, is the great presentation of the beings. The Atlantis and Lost Chambers style is really beautifully done. Already the first aquarium, a pillar full of water and fish, is adding on the posh impression. All displays feel comparably large, also the rooms are really nice in size and presentation. There are information screens, but instead of using them as touchscreen as usual, during Covid-19 they replaced it by static QR codes, which lead to PDF file downloads.

The generous design of the aquariums is one of its key features – but also one of the key issues of the venue: it just does not feel as huge as it is in fact. Another issue I had: during Covid-19 measures, there were just too many people who majorly cared for some great snaps for their Instagram account. The ventilation in a place like this is naturally not ideal (even though there is air condition, of course), and the staff was too “polite” to request people wearing masks. In general, it is of course not the best place to take pictures of yourself, just because the water basins are much better illuminated than the visitor area. The aquarium felt rather full here at some parts during my visit.

The Lost Chambers gave a suggested path through their place, which was a bit of difficult to spot here and there. Nonetheless, I am quite positive that I saw all of the aquarium.


The Lost Chambers / Atlantis The Palm – Services

Of course, there is a souvenir shop at the end of your visit. The place follows the same nice design than the whole attraction. If you just feel the urge to take some memories with you – you are in the heart of the Atlantis Hotel shopping area – there are plenty of opportunities to find the right item for you.


The Lost Chambers – My View

Regarding the atmosphere, The Lost Chambers is likely the best aquarium I have ever been. I definitely also prefer it over the Dubai Aquarium in the Dubai Mall. On the other hand, there are a lot of large displays with huge amount of marine life, but I like other places more. In the whole United Arab Emirates, the Sharjah Aquarium is a very cool – and much cheaper – place, for example. I would still definitely recommend the visit at Atlantis The Palm – the architecture is just too impressive. about Animal Parks & Zoos

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