Quality Inn Pittsburgh Airport

Quality Inn Pittsburgh Airport

85.65 USD


3.6/5 Pros

  • Charming hotel
  • Overall, friendly service
  • Good location Cons

  • Room slightly run down
  • Check-in
  • Internet connection

On my recent March 2023 trip to Pittsburgh watching the Pittsburgh Penguins, I wanted to close a circle and also introduce you to a very special place. Okay, it is rather a personal thing, as the Quality Inn Pittsburgh Airport has been the very first hotel I have ever stayed on a trip to Pittsburgh. Solid service and good price – that’s how I had this place in mind. Almost exactly eight years later, I came back to the Choice Hotels place to have another look – and to do a review.


Quality Inn Pittsburgh Airport – Location

There is just a single terminal hotel at Pittsburgh Airport (PIT) – and a few (like the Hampton Inn Pittsburgh Airport) North of the runways. Thus, even though the Quality Inn is some nine miles away from the terminal, it is actually rather close to the airport. Right at the Interstate I-376 and US-22/US-30, it is also nicely located to get into the city if you are on a budget. There is no really helpful public transport around, but the hotel is driving an airport shuttle.

Right next to the hotel, there are only two gas stations with limited services and a pub. However, as you likely have a car anyway, The Mall at Robinson right across the interstate and some other mall-alike shopping areas are in very close distance. you thus have a quick access to Aldi, Walmart, Target, but also Ikea, several restaurants and a nice range of stores. Due to some business in the area, there are also other hotels in that area.


Quality Inn Pittsburgh Airport – Room

I had one night in March 2023, Monday to Tuesday. The prepaid, non-refundable rate for the room was 85.65 USD, including all taxes. Like the whole hotel, the room got a nice style and did not feel so designed and standardized like typical branded hotels nowadays. There was also quite sufficient room, even though the layout of the it was not always favorable. I guess that – in contrast to most of my reviews – the pictures give you still quite a challenge figuring out how to the room in fact has been designed. But apart from some more storage capacity, which would have been nice, it came with everything you need, including a fridge and a microwave oven. Especially the carpets in the room were a bit of run down, though, which made the room look less clean than it actually was.

The sink was located in the room, separate from the shower and the toilet located right opposite to it. There was sufficient space and basic amenities provided. The pictures can unfortunately only barely show that the shower felt more like a cabin as it was full integrated into the wall – but it was very clean and got its job down perfectly.


Quality Inn Pittsburgh Airport – Breakfast

The architecture of the building as well as the lobby and the winter garden-alike (in fact, it is just large windows…) style of the breakfast room are the heart of the hotel. Thus, having breakfast there was really enjoyable. I wouldn’t expect gourmet dishes in a Quality Inn and I feel the hotel delivered a very solid quality with quite a nice range of items, including waffles and other hot dishes.


Quality Inn Pittsburgh Airport – Service

While the check-in felt a bit too non-personal, I overall really liked the staff at the hotel. Unfortunately, the internet in the room did not have a really good bandwidth. The hotel does have a gym, but it was locked during my visit.


Quality Inn Pittsburgh Airport – My View

In a time where hotel rooms become (even more) expansive in the United States, this brand is not a bad choice. The Quality Inn Pittsburgh Airport has a nice character. A bit of renovation here and there and some upgrades on their WiFi services would turn this place into a nice choice if you explore Pittsburgh and surroundings by car. The location in proximity to the airport and the mall is really nice for that purpose.


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