AmberSky Ferris Wheel Gdansk

AmberSky Gdansk

32 PLN


3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice views
  • Good cabins
  • Good value for money Cons

  • Exposed to wind
  • No services
  • Too many rotations

Exploring the picturesque Old town of Gdansk from above? The most popular (and easiest) method to do so is the AmberSky Gdansk, a Ferris wheel which is located right in the heart of the Polish city. In summer 2021, my wife and I had a ride. Here is our experience.


AmberSky Gdansk – Location & Admission

AmberSky is located on the Northern part of the Olowianka island, which also hosts the Philharmonic Hall and the National Maritime Museum. There is a parking lot for this concert hall right in front of the observation wheel. You likely visit this place when you are in the city center of Gdansk anyway. Please note that the most straightforward connection to the Ferris wheel from the city, the Kładka na Ołowiankę, is a bascule bridge, which is partially put up and then cannot be passed by pedestrians.

The Ferris wheel is operating from 10:30 to 22:00 hrs from Monday to Thursday. The Friday operation time lasts until midnight, Saturday times are 10:00 hrs to midnight and Sunday is from 10:00 to 20:00 hrs. The regular ticket is 32 PLN, some eight Euro. There is also an exclusive VIP gondola for some 300 PLN.


AmberSky Gdansk – The Ferris Wheel

AmberSky is a 50 meter high Ferris wheel. It is manufactured by a Netherlands-based company, Dutch Wheels, called R50SP-36. There are 36 gondolas. One of them is a the blackened VIP gondola. It is the only cabin featuring a glass bottom. The cabins seat at most eight people. However, during Covid-19, this was significantly reduced to one party. One ride takes some fifteen minutes. However, the wheel is using just a fraction of time for one full rotation, so that we went around some six to eight times during that trip.


AmberSky Gdansk – The Ride

As said, you do quite a couple of rotations with AmberSky. This gets a bit of boring after a while (some ten minutes might be sensible as well) – on the other hand, it gives you plenty of time to explore the area. You may watch the harbor facilities of Gdansk on the North or the Old Town, which is rather to the South and West of the wheel. We had an excellent view of the hotel we stayed in, the Hilton Gdansk, which is just across the Motlawa river.


AmberSky Gdansk – Services

There are no special services – surprisingly, you could not even purchase one of these souvenir pictures they almost feel to sell you at any observation deck. The staff was very friendly and spoke an absolutely sufficient level of English, There was music all the time during the ride (but no information), which I felt rather bothering.


AmberSky Gdansk – My View

I have to say that I expected a bit better (regarding the view and also the overall experience), but I would still rate the AmberSky Gdansk to be a good option on your list when visiting the Polish city. The beautiful Olivia Star is just too far away from the city center, so that there is no real competitor for this spot anyway. If you are picky and it is really windy, you might wait for a later ride – the cabins may sway significantly in these conditions.


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