Serways Hotel Weiskirchen Nord (A3 Autobahn, Rodgau)

Serways Hotel Weiskirchen Nord

49 EUR


4.2/5 Pros

  • Superb connection right at the autobahn (in both travel directions)
  • Very quiet
  • Very nice staff, good Covid-19 regulation-reduced breakfast Cons

  • Budget hotel... But that's the concept

On my Whitsun 2020 trip to Lake Constance, I made a stop en route – due to the Covid-19 regulations at thatt point in time, I went for a stay in Hesse instead of Bavaria or Baden-Wuerttemberg state. The Serways Hotel Weiskirchen Nord had the ideal location for the places I wanted to see on my way South – and it had the ideal travel connections: It is located right at a service plaza on the German A3 motorway, located in Rodgau near Hanau just a few kilometers short of entering Bavaria. It was the very first time I went for a night right at the German highway system. By that it was also close to two former Midpoints of the European Union.


Serways Hotel Weiskirchen – Location & Access

Serways Hotel Weiskirchen is located on the Northern side of the A3 motorway, i.e. it is located at the side of the motorway which you travel if you want to drive to Frankfurt or Cologne. Frankfurt Airport, for example, is some 15 minutes / 25 kms away. There is also a service plaza on the opposite side of the highway for the directions Würzburg, Nuremberg and Munich. This one does not feature a hotel.

However, if you are guest of Serways Hotel Weiskirchen, you are allowed to use the connection road and bridge between the two directions. This means that even if you go East /  South, you have a very convenient connection to the hotel. The road is typically blocked and there seem to be frequent police controls, You should thus have a confirmed booking, a hotel receipt (after check-out) or similar to proof that status.There is sufficient free parking right in front of the hotel, which is separate from the ordinary plaza parking.


Serways Hotel Weiskirchen – The Room

I booked a room for one person on a Friday evening in May 2020. The refundable rate was 49 Euro, excluding breakfast. I had a room on the fifth floor, facing the the rear of the entrance. The sleeping room was basic, but queen and quite nice. It felt sufficient for an overnight, the work desk was maybe a bit too small. I also liked that there were sufficient power plugs to load your batteries. Another very nice feature was the free water bottle in the room.

The bathroom was quite a treat and much larger than the one of peers like ibis budget hotels. The only amenities available were soap and shower gel / shampoo, which were given in refillable wall spenders.


Serways Hotel Weiskirchen – Breakfast / Food

In Hesse, hotels were not allowed to hold a buffet breakfast at all. In normal times, you can choose between a very limited quick option (roughly 5 Euro) and the full breakfast (about 10 Euro). For about 8 Euro, the hotel offered me a breakfast plate with two rolls, a croissant, hot drinks (which you could grab by yourself), a huge selection of cold cuts and some jam, butter, honey and Nutella. On top of that, a ready-made scrambled egg with bacon was part of that package, which I felt to be a very nice and extensive breakfast alternative. As I wrote in my notes about the whole Lake Constance trip, I felt they even did best in this category on the whole weekend.


Serways Hotel Weiskirchen – Services

The check-in at the hotel was a bit slow, but very charming. Overall, I liked the front desk staff. Apart from some snacks a chilled drinks, the reception funnily offered basic fashion like underwear. I loved that so much, because I tend to forget clothes when I pack my suitcase under time pressure. Sometimes you just need briefs when you are on the road.

Without asking I received a WiFi voucher at check-in. The speed was very good – however, the hotel was comparably empty. At breakfast time I had to walk down from the very top floor to the lobby as the elevator was stuck. Claiming that just took minutes, so that i did not have any issues when I left the hotel.

There is no proper diner service or similar. There was, however, a small menu in the room, which stated that you can order ready-baked pretzels and pizza.


Serways Hotel Weiskirchen – My View

The service plazas right at the German autobahn / highway system have a terrible image in Germany: before the privatization in 1994, they were often too run down and low quality services Now they are nicer and more appealing,the food got better but the prices are ridiculous. Unfortunately, this prejudice is still too often still right so that many people like me prefer the independent Autohof stops, for which you have to leave the autobahn typically.

The Serways Hotel in Weiskirchen proofs people like me wrong. It is not a luxury temple – but hey, you don’t want to swim in a 25 meter pool after a spa treatment when you are sleeping right at the highway. The hotel serves you with all you need. The staff is nice, the room is clean, the Wifi works, the breakfast option was fine and made sense. The beds could be a bit more comfy, but finally the main thing on top of all the positives is that the room was absolutely quiet. A really good stay.


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