Resurrection Cathedral Tirana (Pictured Story)

Winter and Christmas time is typically also a very spiritual and religious times of the year. Why not taking you to a church at this time? I visited the Resurrection Cathedral (or Katedralja Ngjallja e Krishtit in Albanian) in Tirana during my trip at the end of 2022, The church is absolutely impressive – hope you enjoy my Pictured Story about the visit. 


Resurrection Cathedral – Location & Transport

The Resurrection Cathedral in Tirana is located very centrally in the Albian capital. For example, the former bunker Bunk’Art 2 or the very interesting espionage museum House of Leaves is just a couple of steps away. Thus, the traffic situation is rather ideal – you either take public transport to the city center or grab a taxi to the cathedral area.

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During my visit, Resurrection Cathedral could be visited between 10:00 and 21:30. Of course, you need to plan ahead so that there are no collisions with religious services. Admission to the house of worship is free.


Visiting the Resurrection Cathedral

The Resurrection Cathedral is an Albanian Orthodox church which was been completed in 2012. The building is very impressive. The maximum height is 46 meters, the intersior area is some 1,660 square meters. Since 2014, the church is used for worship. Next to the cathedral, there are major towers, but also smaller side buildings. Even though the architecture as such might not feel that splendid, especially the entrance area is quickly in focus of visitors.

Even though there were some renovation works during my visit, you see the characteristically rich altar, with some murals next to it.  However, you must not get close to that area if you are not praying. The large dome of the Resurrection Cathedral is another key catching element of the place. There are also other facilities you typically do not step into as a visitor, like a cultural center on basement level. in Albania

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