There is a single Büchting Street in Germany – and I take you there

I have to give in, that is not a normal posting. I felt that with any major anniversary for, I should do a special posting. Like I do now. The place is not important at all. Likely, nobody will ever go there. But it is special – to me. And that’s why I wanted to share it with you in my 3,000th posting. I take you to Bad Marienberg in the Westerwald in Germany. To a street, which is about 400 meters long. The Büchtingstraße, the only Buechting Street in all Germany. There is also a Büchtingenstraße in Wernigerode in the Harz region, though, which is also named after my surname. Hope you smile with me in this special Pictured Story.

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Bad Marienberg Büchtingstraße – Location

As said, Bad Marienberg is located in the Westerwald region, a rather rural area. The town is located roughly half way between Cologne and Frankfurt and quite in the middle between two key motorways, the A3, which is leading from Cologne to Frankfurt, and the A45, which is connecting Dortmund with Gießen and finally Frankfurt. The easiest way is to go there by car, even though there are bus services.

The Büchtingstraße is rather central. It is next to the Kurpark (spa park) and even the municipality and the library is located there. These offices also give you an easy opportunity to park your car. The most important building, however, may be the Europa-Haus (“Europe House”), which is is offering political education. Apart from the spa park of Bad Marienberg, the city majorly hosts a very well-reputed wildlife park, which is located West of the Büchtingstraße.


Walking along the Bad Marienberg Büchtingstraße

Büchtingstraße is named after Rudolf Büchting. He lived from 1861 to 1925 and has been the county commissioner (Landrat) of Marienberg. The city provided me with some sort of city chronicles, which states that he has been a very straight person, who was not too much into administrative processes. He tried to take quick decision, ideally in the places, where the discussions came up. During Büchting’s time in this role, the Landratsvilla (the commissioner’s domicile) has been built, including a park are. It has been located more or less right where the first Europa-Haus has been built.

You see that educational place on the first pictures, which reflects a walk from he Southern beginning of Büchtingstraße at the Wilhelmstraße (“Wilhelm Street”) to its very Northern part running into the Langgasse (“Long Alley”). Right in front of the Europa-Haus, there is an interesting statue. On the opposite side of the road, there is the house housing the municipality and the city library, which I mentioned.

There is also a second house belonging the the Europa-Haus complex named Villa Europa. It is especially interesting as there are a couple of sculptures in front of it. The most catching one is Phonehenge, which consists of a series of former public phone booths. From there, I also crossed the street and had a quick look into the spa garden.

The remaining Büchtingstraße does not have too many interesting sights and majorly contains of residential buildings. Some of them have a quite nice, characteristic architecture like the very first one you see below. This one is also hosting a driving school. Last, but not least, there is (of course) another Büchtingstraße road sign on the North end of the street. Hope you enjoyed that a bit of weird posting. By the way, in case you are asking yourself, whether I am related to Rudolf Büchting, the answer in my point of view is: absolutely not. There may be very theoretical linkages and relations, though, which I am not aware of (but that’s not my definition of “being related”).


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