Premium Traveller Air Rooms Madrid Airport Terminal 4

Premium Traveller Air Rooms Madrid Airport Terminal 4

161.37 EUR


4.2/5 Pros

  • Very comfortable and quick option for a sleep
  • Good service
  • Absolutely fit for purpose room Cons

  • Comparably high price
  • Run-down chair
  • No signs to the accommodation

Arriving late at Madrid Airport (MAD) Terminal 4 from Germany and heading on to Lisbon (LIS) in Portugal early the next morning? I had that situation on a trip in May 2023. As the shuttle services to the airport hotels around typically take some time, I went for the most efficient and fastest option available, the Air Rooms by Premium Traveller right inside the terminal. The company is driving lounges, fast pass services – and these kind of very convenient accommodation. Especially for short overnight transfer times, these feel to be attractive for travelers. A good reason to introduce you to my experience with them.


Premium Traveller Air Rooms Madrid T4 – Location

The Premium Traveller Air Rooms are located in the very lowest level of the terminal, on the landside area (i.e. outside the security area). This level also features rental car desks and access to the Madrid Metro. Unfortunately, you do hear the departing and arriving Madrid Metro from the hotel room. There are no services on that level of the airport, but the level above (arrivals level) features a self-service restaurant. Of course, you can use the other services of Madrid Airport (MAD) Terminal 4, including the ones on departure level.

You could, of course, use the Premium Traveller Air Rooms at Madrid (MAD) Terminal 4 as a “normal” hotel and commute into the city. The close metro station is handy, even though it takes you roughly half an hour. However, you of course pay for the comfort of being in the terminal, a city hotel might be a more sensible option. One thing which is a bit of weird is that there are no signs giving directions to the Air Rooms


Premium Traveller Air Rooms Madrid T4 – Room

I booked a standard room in the Premium Air Rooms. The rate was 161.37 EUR, with a three day cancellation period, no breakfast. The room was not overwhelmingly large, but had an absolutely sufficient size for a quick nap and to store some luggage in there as well. I also liked the work desk, which was very convenient. At check-in, the hotel is also providing you a bottle of water, which I absolutely loved. The room (as well as the bathroom) was absolutely clean. The only thing I did not like was the state of the chair at the work desk, which felt to be a bit too run down.

Compared to the sleeping and working room size, the bathroom felt really comfortable. It is a rather long aisle with a sink on one side and a shower on another. The toilet is located more or less in the middle. I was wondering that amenities were only provided for one person, as you can book the room as a double room as well. The bathroom definitely exceeded my expectations. Due to its location, the room of course does not have any kind of windows.


Premium Traveller Air Rooms Madrid T4 – Food / Service

The Premium Traveller Air Rooms offer room service with snacks and drinks. You can also order a breakfast bag. I guess that parts of the food are provided by the surrounding services, which is absolutely fine. The WiFi is the one provided by Madrid Airport (MAD) and worked absolutely fine. The reception staff was very welcoming and helpful.


Premium Traveller Air Rooms Madrid T4 – My View

Of course, the night inside the airport terminal is not a bargain. But it saves a lot of time. The comfort of the room is good, the service is fine. The state of the chair has just not been in line with the overall state of the room. I feel the service is functional and helpful. I definitely enjoyed the stay at the Premium Traveller Air Rooms.


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