Fauna Animal Park Solingen

Tierpark Fauna Solingen



3.4/5 Pros

  • Pretty solid animal park without thrills
  • Good habitats and sensible selection of animals Cons

  • Parking situation and remote location
  • Visitor behavior
  • No thrills

Even though Solingen is not a that major city (some 160,000 inhabitants), it features two mid-size animal parks / zoos. However, they are quite a drive apart from each other, some 20 minutes (12 km) on a low traffic day. This review deals with the Fauna Animal Park – Tierpark Fauna Solingen, what the German name is – on the Northeast edge of the city. I also reviewed its peer, the Solinger Vogel- und Tierpark (“Solingen Bird And Animal Park”) in the West of the city.


Fauna Animal Park Solingen – Location & Admission

Tierpark Fauna is located in the very Northwest of Solingen. The park is located in a forest-alike area, there is a retirement home nearby. In peak times, parking can be critical. Public transport to the zoo is difficult – there is also no shuttle service or similar transport organized by the park itself. The available parking spaces are free.

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In summer, the park is opening daily from 9:00 to 18:00 hrs. Due to the earlier sunset, the park already closes at 16:30 hrs in winter, beginning of November until end of February. Adult admission is 5 Euro.


Fauna Animal Park Solingen – The Visit

The Fauna Animal Park in Solingen comes with a surprisingly wide space. Most of the habitats look really nice. I did visit the place a few years before the review already. Nonetheless, as there was neither a signed route through the zoo nor maps in a sufficient number, I sometimes struggled to orientate myself.

The animal park does not go too much for fancy animals. They majorly go for species which are easy (and good) to keep in the habitats. Kids love guinea pigs or wallabies anyway – and I also enjoyed to explore the life in display. Unfortunately, the terrarium, which is one of the signature displays of the zoo, was still closed due to Covid-19. Thus, I enjoyed watching alpacas and racoons.

A vast part of the park’s space is in fact the Wildpark (deer park). Due to the huge space the animals have in there, it is not the best space to watch the inhabitants, but therefore, it is very good treatment. In the area, I also met some other animals like sheep and ow





Fauna Animal Park Solingen – Services

Close to the entrance area, there is a snack shop, which sells typical zoo food: ice cream, sweets, basic warm dishes. During my visit, it was closed.

At the time of visiting, there were still rather strict Covid-19 measures in Northrhine-Westphalia. Apart from a few signs which “recommended” masks, there was no enforcement. Especially mothers of kids were quite active standing close together and chatting for a longer period. Their Solingen peer I mentioned above, where I went to right after this visit, did a much better job there.


Fauna Animal Park Solingen – My View

I would say that the Fauna Tierpark in Solingen is overall a pretty nice place. I was pissed about the behavior of the visitors. You might argue at a first glance that it is out of control of the park – but their peer did so much better the same day. I would say the park is pretty solid – it is nice to hang out and relax and watch some animals – don’t expect too many thrills. about Animal Parks & Zoos

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