Hotel Korpilampi (Espoo, Finland)

Hotel Korpilampi Espoo

70 EUR


3.8/5 Pros

  • Beautifully located in the forest, next to a lake
  • Very friendly staff
  • Historic touch
  • Beautiful pool / sauna area Cons

  • Very classic architecture
  • Average breakfast

Visit my Finnish favorite SB-Pro Nurmijärvi for two home matches in January 2020, I was looking for a reasonable priced overnight, which is close to Nurmijärvi as well as to Vantaa airport, where I had an early morning flight on Monday. I decided for Hotel Korpilampi in the equivalently named northern part of Espoo, a town in Greater Helsinki area. The hotel is quite famous for some political meetings like the Korpilampi Seminar in 1977. Here is my experience.


Hotel Korpilampi – Location

The hotel is located in the very Northern part of Espoo, in the middle of the countryside. The hotel has been built in the mid 1970s mainly for conferences. It is located next to an (artificial) lake. There is also a water park next to the hotel. The Lahnus district offers some basic additional services in two kilometers difference.

There are limited possibilities to reach the hotel by local transport. As far as I understood, there is even a direct bus connection to Helsinki city center. You will likely book the hotel rather if you arrive by car – the parking space is more than sufficient for a hotel of that size.


Hotel Korpilampi – Room

I had a two night booking for 140 Euro including breakfast. When I entered the room after check-in, I was quite shocked – in contrast to the room description, there was not work desk in the room. Quite surprising that you have rooms without that in a congress hotel. At least, the receptionist was very friendly and booked me to another room.

This room was wheelchair-accessible and significantly larger than the other room. When I was asked whether it is fine for me to have a ground floor room, I did not really get the point, but during working on the website, a few times some hikers passed by the window. Apart from that, the room was nice in relation to the price and Finnish hotel prices.The design was like in the first room, rather simple and functional, but the cleanliness was fine.


Hotel Korpilampi – Breakfast / Food

The breakfast experience was okay. There were some warm dishes like hash browns, scrambled eggs or meatballs as well as a selection of bread, juices and healthy choices. Overall, the selection was not overwhelming, but absolutely reasonable.Like the whole hotel, the restaurant area was comparably large and spacious.


Hotel Korpilampi – Recreation

One superb feature of the hotel is definitely the pool and sauna area. The pool is quite large and also features a nice whirlpool and two “artificial waterfalls” or however you call the super-showers. Dressing rooms are separate for men and women and feature a sauna each as well.

The gym is quite nice, not too large, though. The gym area also features a squash court.

For kids or editors, there is also a racing arcade and a table soccer game.

A major part of recreation, of course, is being able to walk around the adjacent lake and enjoy nature. The area is really beautiful. There is also a beach volley field, which did not look too welcoming in January, but may be much more attractive in summer.


Hotel Korpilampi – Service

The staff at check-in was very friendly. The lobby is huge and also features a couple of historic references and photographs about the conferences which have held in the place. The hotel also features a bar and a snack area, which is driven by the reception staff (at least in low visit periods). The WiFi in the hotel was absolutely fine and allowed me to work effectively on my match reports.


Hotel Korpilampi – My View

To visit my favorite floorball team, Hotel Korpilampi was close to the ideal stay, as it offered a nice value for money. I enjoyed being in a lovely natural environment and having short drives to Nurmijärvi. I also loved having a swim in the nice pool area. On the cons side, the hotel is bound to the architecture, which is protected, so that the potential to make the place more attractive is limited. Thus, it was finally a good stay for me, but of course the hotel cannot make it to the top rankings.


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