Malta National Aquarium

Malta National Aquarium

15 EUR


3.9/5 Pros

  • Nicely driven place
  • Good presentation and documentation Cons

  • Rather small
  • Lines may be long

I just have a too large backlog of travel postings. Finally, it is already more than a year ago since I visited Malta with my wife. One of the sights I visited (on Good Friday…) in 2022 was the Malta National Aquarium, which is regarded to be a key attraction of the island. Here is my review of the place.


Malta National Aquarium – Location & Admission

Malta National Aquarium is located in San Pawl-Il Bahar – or St. Paul’s Bay. Malta has an excellent (but for foreigners sometimes confusing) bus system. There is a total of ten bus lines, which stop at Ben right in front of the aquarium. During our visit, Malta National Aquarium was crowded with families – you should maybe choose a less popular day than a national holiday for your visit. There is a designated car park. During my visit, the adjacent parking lot was subject to a charge – which lead to the situation that all the streets around were packed with cars. According to the website, parking is now free for aquarium visitors.

On premise admission to the aquarium is 15 EUR. However, you may pre-purchase your ticket online at a rate of 12.95 EUR. The online ticket also entitles you to pass the ticket line, which was very favorable during our visit. In peak season, you can visit Malta National Aquariums daily from 10:00 to 20:00. The website is giving very good information about feeding times and similar events. Apart from staying in line to get in, you will at most stay an hour at this attraction.


Malta National Aquarium – The Visit

After entersing the lobby, you head downstairs to the aquarium, which is split into five zones and an additional section. Similar to other aquariums, there are touch screens which allow you to learn more about the species in the different tanks. Due to the massive number of people during our visit, I could not really stay longer at a majority of the tanks. The light was also rather low so that I just have a limited number of pictures from the place. All documentation is in English, so that you will have an easy time to understand the good documentation.

Most of the zones of the aquarium deal with marine life in and around Malta. For example, you start your visit at Malta’s Western Shoreline & Submarine, before you head on to Valletta Harbour. However, there is also a section about the Tropical Oceans, which means that you also run into some of the more exotic life forms. On top of that, there is a sections, which focuses on reptiles and amphibians. The balance is really nice, I also enjoyed the presentation. Malta National Aquarium also comes with the typical walk-through tunnel – you just cannot seem to operate a modern aquarium without that nowadays, somehow.


Malta National Aquarium – Services

Malta National Aquarium is also driving a restaurant / cafe. During our Easter 2022 visit, the place was extremely popular.

Of course, the lobby area also features a souvenir shop as well. Not too many surprises in here – similar places like Sea Life come with similar items to take home with you.


Malta National Aquarium – My View

The aquarium is a neat place, which is overall well-driven. It is a bit too small, so that I would not put it on your must-visit list for Malta. But you will have an enjoyable time there – at least if you are not visiting on a national holiday, when the place is packed with people and the visit is really bothering.


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