The Paradise of Calories – Chocolate and Candy Outlets in Aachen

There are quite some reasons to visit the Western German city of Aachen. However, before I spend a night there in March 2022, I recognized that the city is also a great place for fans of not-that-healthy nutrition.. WIthin a driving distance of one kilometer, three German candy and snack manufacturers have factory sales / outlets. I just had to share you some thoughts and impressions about this very special place. Enjoy shopping with Lindt/Sprüngli, Bahlsen and Lambertz.


Chocolate / Candy Factory Sales in Aachen – Locations & Times

The three factory sales are located in a commercial area Northwest of the city of Aachen. The area is in general offering a wide range of shopping opportunities and is closed to the campus of the RWTH, Aachen’s famous technical university. The borders to Belgium and the Netherlands are just a short drive away.

All three locations have parking facilities, Lindt/Sprüngli is by far the most popular place with the highest number of parking lots. You may also use public transport – the three locations are even in walking distance. You may either take public trains (connection at Aachen West station) or use the bus. Several public buses stop right in front of Lindt/Sprüngli and Bahlsen at the Süsterfeld stop.


Lambertz Factory Sale

Lambertz is a very traditional Aachen sweets company. One of their most famous product are Printen, old-fashioned gingerbread Christmas cookies. Their factory sale is a bit distant from the other two locations, at the Ritterstraße 9. As all three locations, the opening times of the factory sale location differ by season. Christmas and Easter time is typically the most important one for the German sweets market, which also means that the stores have prolonged opening times.

Even though the place does not feel too large, they have a great selection and especially out of season items or second choice stuff really lead to a great shopping experience. Some of the products in sale are equivalent to the Bahlsen store as the companies seem to be commercially linked. A very interesting (and unique) characteristic of this store is also that they also sell produces which are labelled for discount supermarket branches. Typically, most franchises try to hide if they are also producing for Aldi and similar stores.


Lindt/Sprüngli Factory Sale

The factory sale of Lindt, who are a joined company with Swiss brand Sprüngli are located at Süsterfeldstraße 130. the outlet is the most popular place of all there. There is even a second factory sale location right across the road. At the key selling point, clients were greeted by a giant Lindt Easter Bunny in front of the store entrance. At my time of visit, the store also had the longest opening times.

Practically the whole store is selling Lindt products. There is hardly any presence of other brands, in contrast to the two other locations. There is only a few second choice produce, most of the stuff is highest quality level. However, the best quality items are typically significantly reduced. Thereby, the store is featuring a really wide range of products. You also see on the pictures that the main store is really huge. By the way, Lindt is the only of these three places which is prepared to charge you a fee for parking. However, the machines have not been active during my visit.


The Werksverkauf 2 (Factory Sale #2) is a likely a good option if the huge main store is too crowded. They only feature the key items. Thus, the place was rather empty during my comparably relaxed visit on a Friday afternoon in March 2022.


Bahlsen Factory Sale

The Bahlsen Factory Sale is in fact branded as Keks & Co.. The selling point is just across the road from Lindt’s main store. The postal address is Süsterfeldstraße 27. Bahlsen’s parking lot is rather small and also unhandy. The store itself feels a bit more simple at first sight, rather compares to an Aldi store in style (which is especially obvious if you visited Lindt right before.

The pricing is not bad for some of the products – again, second choice cookies are the best chance to leave the store with a smile. The snack company Lorenz is also part of Bahlsen, so that his store is also having chips, nuts and other snacks in store.


Factory Sales in Aachen – My View

Okay, going to these places is likely not too health, but it is simply a great experience. The pricing is much better than the usual price level in outlet malls (however, Bahlsen lovers will definitely recommend to opt for the Hanover location). I also like that the three stores all have some signature fields of snacks, which finally makes you visit all three. Lindt is definitely the leading place for chocolates. I love Lambertz and their cookies and traditional bakes. Bahlsen has ready-made cakes and salty snacks. Don’t buy too much when you are around 🙂 on Eating & Drinking is not a culinary blog. Nevertheless, here are all posts dealing with Eating and Drinking:


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