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Since a couple of years, I have a group of so-called Featured Artists – musicians, which are in a special focus of my reporting, including a higher level of coverage, increased visibility in the tour date overview and other perks. It is a one-sided agreement and no advertisement or similar. I simply enjoy working with those people and bands, typically enjoy their music and just felt they deserved to have that special focus. Featured Artists

In line with that, I always wanted to introduce a similar concept in my sports coverage. Finally, being back at the World Floorball Championships soon (at the U19 Girls and 3×3 competitions in Lahti, Finland, beginning of May), it simply felt like the right time to finally go for it.


What Are The Featured Clubs?

The Featured Clubs are following the same concept as the Featured Artists. First of all, it is a one-sided thing, I decide on who is added to it. There is no obligation for the selected participants. The key advantage for Featured Clubs is that there I try to regularly (whatever that means…) report from their events. I will also give them priority when it comes to support them with social media stories and other things,.like the provision of pictures. Furthermore, the navigation of finding contents about these clubs might be easier for you, as the dedicated page (see below) will directly lead you to all contents. In order to do so, all Featured Clubs will have an explicit tag used in postings on Some of the tags did exist in the past, but it was rather hard to find them and to navigate.


Will There Be Featured Athletes As Well?

At the moment, there are just Featured Clubs. However, with Indian Tennis, there is already one Featured Club, which is in fact not a club, but a group of individual sports athletes. Especially as I am aiming to grow further in athletics and have some more tennis coverage (hopefully) this year, I might add some individual athletes during the year as well. I might even feature individual athletes in team sports explicitly in the future. I will likely still gather them as Featured Clubs.


Which Are The Featured Clubs?

There is a dedicated, new page on which lists my Featured Clubs. You can find it in the Sports menu of the navigation bar. First of all, they are all groups of people and team sports. The list below reflects the list of Featured Clubs by sports. Currently, there is a clear focus on floorball, but this will likely alter over time.





Ice Hockey: 


The Pittsburgh Penguins are somehow special, as I will likely never have any sports reports about them. Nonetheless, there is quite a bunch of contents related to my favorite ice hockey team.


Can I Apply To Become A Featured Club?

Unfortunately not. As said, it is a one-sided agreement. However, if I more frequently report from your team’s or federation’s sports events, you might become one automatically. However, I am always happy to receive event invitations and suggestions – just feel free to use the contact possibilities here or write me on social media. The list of clubs is not a closed shop.


Featured Clubs by Number of Postings

Just for those of you who are curious, here is a little statistics, reflecting the point of time I do this post, i.e. on 25th April 2024. There will be quite an increase of floorball national teams’ coverage due to the upcoming WFC Under 19 Girls 2024 in Lahti, though. There is no posting related to Swiss Unihockey national teams yet (apart from this one). the figures below do not include this posting

Featured Club # Posts
1 Indian Tennis 20
2 Pittsburgh Penguins 19
3 SB-Pro Nurmijärvi 10
4 SSF Dragons Bonn 6
5 Dümptener Füchse 5
6 DJK Holzbüttgen 4
7 Finnish Floorball Federation 3
8 Floorball Deutschland 2
8 Pixbo IBK 2
8 Hungarian Floorball Federation 2


Featured Clubs on

Here are all postings related to my Featured Clubs in sports on


Postings about

I sometimes write about the development of this blog, upgrades and other internal topics:

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