Watching B36 Torshavn at Ovari Vollur (Gundaladur)

B36 Torshavn at Ovari Gundaladur



4.1/5 Pros

  • Nice stadium with a good capacity
  • Friendly people
  • Good food and nice merchandise Cons

  • Limited atmosphere

The 2024 season of the Faroe Islands premier soccer league Betri Deildin is about to kick off this weekend. In September 2024, I had the opportunity, to visit a match of this division. B36 Torshavn hosted IF, who are also a team from the Faroese capital. The match was held at Ovari Vollur (as far as I know, it translates to “upper ground”), a venue used by multiple teams in the city. It is also referred to as Gundaladur. In this posting, I share my experience.


Ovari Vollur (Gundaladur) – Location & Traffic

Ovari Vollor is one of three major soccer fields in the sports complex in Torshavn. The most prominent one is the National Stadium Torsvollur, which I featured during a KI Klaksvik UEFA Conference League match. The B36 home ground is located in the North-West, side by side with the major arena. The third ground, Nidari Vollur, is majorly used for lower level, youth matches and training sessions. The area also features a major swimming pool and a major indoor arena.

You can reach it by a walk from the city center or use one of the various bus connections. For example, bus 4 stops at Badmintonhollin and the buses 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 at Upii a Halsi. There are also numerous car parks around the stadiums.


Ovari Vollur (Gundaladur) – Arena & Ticket Situation

The stadium is an artificial turf ground. The total capacity is 5,000. While there is a major stand on the whole long side on the Southwest of the ground, the Northeast side has two ones.  The somehow strange reason is that the ground is home of two clubs. The Northern side is driven by HB (Hafnar Boltfelag), which B36 runs the Southern one. I have obviously been at a B36 on the Southern place. The pictures below feature the ground from both sides, though.

You can stand in the gallery of the B36 stand, but in general, Ovari Vollur is an all-seating stadium. The B36 stand also includes a club house, which is not only including the locker rooms, but also a room, where you can hang out and buy food and merchandise (see below). The stand also features a typical stadium toilet. The ticket for the league match was 100 DKK, roughly 13.50 EUR. You can easily pay by credit card. The ticket situation for most league matches on the Faroe Islands should be really relaxed and you can buy a ticket right before the match.


Ovari Vollur (Gundaladur) – Atmosphere

Even though you might remember the recent support by Faroese people at the EHF Handball European Championships, the atmosphere at standard domestic league matches is limited. There is some support, though. Additionally, you can feel that people love their club and really root for their team. Vice versa, the atmosphere is really friendly. I learned loving the people their for their open-hearted and hospitable spirit.


Ovari Vollur (Gundaladur) – Food & Shopping

Especially due to the Faroese weather, having a room to hang out before the match and in the intermission is really appreciated. I was absolutely surprised by the rather large range of merchandise items, majorly clothing and textiles. Of course, you don’t get useless stuff like a branded toaster on the merchandise table. I absolutely loved the spicy soup they served there – the price was also absolutely nice (20 DKK).


B36 Torshavn at Ovari Vollur (Gundaladur) – My View

I loved watching a soccer match at this legendary ground. Despite wind and rain, sitting on the B36 stand felt absolutely nice. The atmosphere was within my expectations. The people and the services were great, so that I absolutely love it. The way B36 shares “their” stadium with the local rival is also very remarkable.


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