Airport Hotel Aurora Star Keflavik

190 EUR


4.2/5 Pros

  • As close as you can get to the airport terminal
  • Close to rental cars
  • Breakfast from 4:00
  • Overall, nice room Cons

  • WiFi issues

The first night in Iceland or the last night before going back home – that’s about the time when quite a lot of tourists have a night at the Airport Hotel Aurora Star Keflavik. Even though there have been quite a lot of new hotels in proximity to Keflavik Airport (KEF), the key international travel hub of Iceland, the Aurora Star is still the only airport hotel, which is an easy walk away from the terminal. Compared to its peer, this is definitely an hard-to-beat argument – especially due to the early morning peak of intra-European flights by Icelandair and nowadays also Play. My wife and I had a 7:25 flight to Frankfurt (FRA) on the very last day of our Iceland Ring Road Trip in April and May 2023. Here are my thoughts about the hotel.


Airport Hotel Aurora Star Keflavik – Location

You see the Airport Hotel Aurora Star Keflavik already when you leave Keflavik Airport (KEF). Thus, there is no doubt about the direction – the route does have a few barriers, though. The main reason for that is that you cross airport parking lots. Even though there are quite a bunch early morning as well as late night flights from Iceland’s key airport, the terminal does not offer you too many landside services as a traveler. There is neither a restaurant nor a supermarket or similar. You better stock up in Keflavik or Reykjavik.

If you are not just getting from or to the terminal, the key direction from the hotel is, of course, getting to Reykjavik. If you are really rich, you can go for a taxi, which is about 200 EUR. All reasonable people rather go for the airport transfer bus – or take a rental car. Practically all Icelandic rental car companies are in walking distance to the hotel. Very few of them have their office in the terminal building. Companies like my Icelandic favorite Blue Car Rental are just across the corner. If you want to go to Blue Lagoon, there is also a (not that reasonably priced) shuttle bus from the airport.

Airport Hotel Aurora Star Keflavik – Room

We had a one night stay at a Double Superior Room in May, Saturday to Sunday. The flexible rate, including breakfast, was 190 EUR. I had a few stays in the hotel years before the Ring Road trup – and I have to say that they definitely upgraded the place a lot. The room was actually really nice and large and also easily fit all our luggage. The design of the room is nice.

The bathroom felt a bit of narrow, but worked out well, too. I enjoyed the branded amenities in the room. Overall, the room was very clean and felt welcoming.


Airport Hotel Aurora Star Keflavik – Breakfast

One rationale which illustrates that the hotel is running the vast majority of their business with departing flight passengers is that they offer their full breakfast buffet from 4:00 already. The buffet is not luxurious, but it is definitely nice and is a good start into the day before you walk over to the flight terminal. They even have scrambled eggs. The service in regards of refilling the breakfast items worked very well, too, during our stay. Between 4:00 and 5:30, the rather nice breakfast room is really packed.


Airport Hotel Aurora Star Keflavik – Service

In previous stays, I did not always feel absolutely welcome – but the Aurora Star also did a lot better in this regard in May 2023. They staff was really kind and helpful. However, I did have issues with the hotel WiFi, which was rather slow and broke down several times. There were some upgrade works ongoing, so that the airport hotel will further improve in capacity and quality, I guess. There is no gym or similar facility.


Airport Hotel Aurora Star Keflavik – My View

I was rather impressed by the Airport Hotel Aurora Star Keflavik during our trip. In the past, it rather felt like a “you have to choose it anyway” accommodation to me. However, during this stay, it was absolutely a nice stay. There were some weaker spots, but therefor, you don’t need to check out your rental car in the early morning and just have a short walk to the terminal. Yeah, this comfort still boosts the price. But I feel that in Icelandic relations, the hotel is still giving you a nice value for money.


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