Dubrovnik Panorama Cruise with Adriana Cavtat Boat Tours

Adriana Cavtat Boat Tours

20 EUR


3.3/5 Pros

  • Nice vessel
  • Beautiful scenery Cons

  • Cruise too short
  • Limited service, no commentary

The Old Town of Dubrovnik is such a beautiful gem and leads to an amazing scenery in combination with the Old City Walls and the mountains in the background. Thus, exploring these views from the Adriatic waters feels to be a must-do for tourists. We felt that visitors’ urge and took a trip with Adriana Cavtat Boat Tours. You have to say that there are multiple companies offering cruises around Old Town Dubrovnik (and also longer trips to some of the Croatian islands) – I just got the name of the company by googling them later.


Adriana Cavtat Boat Tours – Location & Price

Most of the boat trip agencies try to acquire (rather spontaneous) passengers at Old Harbor in Dubrovnik. There are several companies who at least feel to compete for the visitors’ attention (or better, money). As said above, it is very hard to determine between the companies offering the cruise and picking the best one for you.

I did not spot any fixed opening or cruise times. I guess the schedule is made up more or less daily, depending on the weather and the amount of people expected. During our visit, the cruise was 20 Euro per person. Of course, there are also longer cruises, including island and sunset cruises, available.


Adriana Cavtat Boat Tours – The Vessel

The vessel we used for the cruise on Easter Sunday 2023 was the Kupinova. The wooden style and welcoming ship has a capacity of 120. During our cruise, there were some 30 people on board, which overall felt very comfortable. There is a lower and an upper deck – the weather was beautiful so that we could easily stay outside. The ship is also used for dinner cruises obviously. this is why it is featuring a barbecue at its rear.


Adriana Cavtat Boat Tours – The Cruise

After leaving the harbor, we first headed West along the Historic City Walls. The boat roughly turned roughly at Fort Lovrijenac. That was definitely the most beautiful part of the cruise, we also enjoyed having a look on the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik we stayed in.

After that, we headed towards Southeast to sail along the West Coast of Lokrum. The island is one of the key attractions of Dubrovik (we just did not make it due to limited time), but you don’t get too much of its beauty from the sea. Still, the scenery is nice. The Kupinova then more or less followed the coastline of the island, so that we sailed around Lokrum, ending up between its East coast and the West coast of mainland Southern Croatia. In that area, you could explore some quite posh buildings, including hotels, and enjoy the view of the mountains.

Finally, from there it was a straight sail right inside Dubrovnik Old Harbor again. The cruise time was given with 50 minutes. Our tour took about 40 minutes, though.


Adriana Cavtat Boat Tours – Service

The vessel does feature a bar and a grill. While it was quite obvious that there won’t be a barbeque on this trip, I was surprised that there hasn’t been a bar service on board as well. There was absolutely no commentary apart from basic safety instructions during the cruise, which we felt was awful. However, on the positive side, the Kupinova features two toilets.


Adriana Cavtat Boat Tours – My View

Croatia and Dubrovnik is known for its beautiful landscape and very friendly and hospitable locals. Unfortunately, Dubrovnik is also known for some very scattered places of tourist scam. I would not rate the Adriana Cavtat Boat Tours cruise as such, but they are definitely not trying to give you great 50 minutes (or 40…) while being their guests. The scenery is amazing, but especially Lokrum and the coast South of Old Town is full of interesting stories, I guess. I would have loved to explore some of them, definitely. At other providers, having similar trips for 20 EUR might be a good value for money. about Croatia

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