ANA Suites Lounge Tokyo-Haneda (HND) Terminal 3 (110)

ANA Suites Lounge Haneda (HND) Terminal 3 Gate 110



4.1/5 Pros

  • Nicely designed lounge
  • Very cool "solo boxes"
  • Nice food Cons

  • Does not feel like a First Class lounge at all

Yeah, I am a bit of nerdy, but one thing I was looking forward about flying Lufthansa First Class from Tokyo Haneda (HND) to Frankfurt (FRA) was to explore how the Japanese lounge options will be alike. The domestic airlines are having a great reputation – and thus I hoped that exploring the ANA Suites Lounge at Haneda (HND) could be a great experience. Here is my report about how the experience finally has been like.


ANA Suites Lounge Haneda (HND) T3-110 – Location & Access

The lounge is located in Tokyo Haneda (HND) Terminal 3, where the vast majority of international flights is operating. The ANA lounges are located close to gate 110. You take an escalator up to lounge level and either head on straight to the suites lounge or turn left for the business class option. Both lounges tend to be very crowded. The business class lounge, for example, had a limited access when we left the first class / suites option at about 11:00 in the morning. .

The lounge is opening at 5:00 and closing with the departure of the last ANA flight – which is typically some time at the very late evening. Not too surprisingly, the access to the lounge is very restrictive. The most straightforward way to get inside is a First Class ticket, either from ANA themselves or a Star Alliance partner. Additionally, ANA Diamond or ANA Million Miler Status members can use the lounge as well. In all cases, you may bring a guest per passenger, if they are also flying on a Star Alliance flight the same day.


ANA Suites Lounge Haneda (HND) T3-110 – Atmosphere

Right after entering the lounge, there is a “left wing” and a “right wing”. The “left wing” offers beautiful relaxing seats with a nice apron view, which is also the section we were using. A very cool way to wait for a flight with a lot of privacy are “boxes”, in which you can work, relax, dine and even watch TV. They are definitely the signature architectural element of the lounge. The whole lounge is equipped with USB and Japanese style (i.e. two contact) power outlets. I feel that at least US three-pin outlets should have been available as well.

The “right wing” features sofa-alike seating, but also a bench, which rather reminds me of a noodle bar. Not too surprisingly, the noodle bar counter is indeed in the same section of the lounge. There are also some work desks and the major buffet (see below). Apart from the toilets and similar facilities, there are phone and work booths in the center between the two parts of the lounge. The lounge may be rather packed at peak days. The adjacent business class lounge was even closed for new passengers when we left for our flight back to Germany.


ANA Suites Lounge Haneda (HND) T3-110 – Food & Drink

There were drink dispensers at both wings of the lounge. However, the lounge staff also served you drinks from a limited menu. Overall, the selection of drinks and food was more limited than I expected. There are a few food options you can order via WiFi / with you phone. For us, this was a bit of bothering as the meals had to be grabbed at the noodle bar station, which was at the very opposite side of our seat. Our wing did feature some basic snacks as well. The food quality, especially the one of the ordered food, was good, though. However, some buffet options like a slice of baguette with a lot of butter and piece of chocolate felt a bit of weird.


ANA Suites Lounge Haneda (HND) T3-110 – Services

The staff was friendly and attentive. Of course, you don’t get too overwhelming service as you might for example be used as a US-American flyer. WiFi in the lounge has been working fine and reliably. Of course, the lounge features showers and toilets. However, the sanitary facilities felt rather small compared to the size of the lounge. The level of quality delivered in Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal, for example, is way better.


ANA Suites Lounge Haneda (HND) T3-110 – My View

The ANA Suites Lounge is a nice lounge – but it is not a good First Class lounge. The food and service is nice, but I miss a special and exclusive feeling. The solo boxes on one side of the lounge are really a cool idea, though.


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