Why WordPress?

Some of you may ask: Why did I choose WordPress for this site?

First of all, my wife Sarah had to deal with it during her studies. I felt that it is quite an convenient environment to quickly start with a website, but also have some potential to upgrade its structures, if necessary. I am now even more amazed by it when I am working with it. / has been based on pure HTML, together with very little CSS. On the one hand, I liked that, just because it guarantees a certain ease and also portability. On the other hand, the website looked absolutely odd on mobile phone – when I started the project, I could not imagine that this would be quite soon a very important criteria to go for another platform.

Though WordPress is somehow the “easy” and “dummy” way, I first of all want to invest as much money in content rather than structure. Thus, I hope you like that solution somehow as well.

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