MAIA Hotel Suites Tunis

MAIA Hotel Suites Tunis

251 TND


4.2/5 Pros

  • Nice hotel room with small kitchen
  • Very friendly staff
  • Charming breakfast (made to order) Cons

  • Area under development

Arriving on a Friday from Germany at Tunis Airport (TUN) and heading on the day thereafter, I was looking for a simple and easy to reach accommodation around the airport. It was my first night in Tunisia since very early childhood years when we had a family vacation in Djerba in Southern Tunisia. Thus, I was really curious about the hotel, but also about the country’s capital in general during my visit.


MAIA Hotel Suites – Location

The hotel is located right South of the airport’s runway. Driving distance by taxi is some 10 ten minutes and should be about 10 EUR maximum by taxi. I pre-booked a transfer to avoid hassle. The hotel is also running a shuttle for 50 TDN. There are also bus stations around the hotel, but I would not really rely on that. On the opposite side of the hotel, you are right at the Lac du Tunis, the Tunis Lake, which is a beautiful scenery.

The area around the hotel is a bit of weird. On the one hand, there are numerous fashion, watches and posh jewel stores in the area – the majority of the area feel a bit of run-down with a lot of closed down shops. Unfortunately, this implies (at least in February, which may be off-season) that you for example just have a very limited selection of restaurants in the area. However, there is a supermarket in short walking distance.


MAIA Hotel Suites – Room

I booked a single room at a flexible rate of 251 TDN, roughly 74 Euro. The suite room has a small kitchen right at the entrance. It features two cook plates, a microwave oven and a fridge. Surprisingly, there was neither a dishwasher nor detergent in the room. The living and sleeping area is rather nice in size. The bed was very good, while the remaining furniture was fit for purpose. However, the room felt very fit for purpose and was also perfectly clean. I only struggled with the fact that there was just one power plug at the work desk – and it was taken by the lamb, which I liked to use very much.

The bathroom felt absolutely fit for purpose as well. I especially enjoyed the large shower. Overall, there was sufficient space in there. A nice feature of the room, by the way, was that I had limited runway view of one corner of Tunis Airport (TUN).


MAIA Hotel Suites – Breakfast

My rate included breakfast. You can also pay for it (30 TDN). The meal is served from a menu, there is no buffet. Apart from a hot drink, juice and bread, you can order an egg dish, cold cuts or a crepe and some additional items. The service was really quick. I went for a cheese omelette and a chocolate crepe, which were both absolutely delicious.


MAIA Hotel Suites – Service

The staff in the hotel was very friendly. At entrance level, there is a concierge and security person all the time. This also means that you have to go through a metal detector. The WiFi in the hotel was really nice and exceeded my expectation. The hotel comes with several terraces, including a rooftop area, which are absolutely lovely. There is no gym or similar facility in the hotel.


MAIA Hotel Suites – My View

I overall enjoyed the stay at the hotel. The service and the staff is really good. Unfortunately, the location is currently not ideal, due to all the run-down buildings. However, the posh stores illustrate that this place is having a lot of potential in the future. Especially the lovely terraces could become a signature element of the MAIA Hotel Suites in Tunis.


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