Museum Plagiarius Solingen – The Place for Copies

Did you ever copy a CD from a friend? Plagiarism can be much worse than just bootlegging. The Museum Plagiarius driven by a equivalently-named foundation is showing you the extent of plagiarism and the impact to the economy. The museum is located in Solingen, a town Northeast of Cologne in Germany. Here is the review of my visit.

Museum Plagiarius – Location & Admission

The museum is located near the Südpark areal, which is very close to the Solingen Mitte train station (not: main station) and the ice rink. There is some parking nearby in case you arrive by car.

The museum is only opened on weekends. Saturdays and Sunday, you may visit between 13:00 and 17:00 hrs. In addition, the museum opens 09:30 to 13:00 and 13:30 to 17:00 Fridays. On some holidays, the museum stays closed. The adult admission is 4 Euro.

Museum Plagiarius – The Exhibition

The museum has two levels. In the main exhibition on ground floor, you see copied items with the original: the original item is on the left hand side, the copies are positioned to the right. The room has the size of a medium shop.

I did not want to take away all the fun of visiting this place, so I decided to go for very limited pictures. The pictures illustrate which wide range of products are impacted by plagiarism (in fact, there is almost anything in the exhibition). You find motorcycles as well as medical products (in both cases, the copy might even be life-threatening). The angel figure on the picture below is named to be plagiarism by a very famous German porcelain manufacturer, for example. There are also some twenty copies of the same motion sensor in display.

The upper level contains two exhibitions. First of all, there is a vast collection of plagiarisms of Tempo tissues. The main part of the second floor covers items seized by German customs. There are no originals next to it. A very interesting part of it to me were copies of the Farina Eau de Cologne. You find a posting about the rivalry on original Eau de Cologne with the more famous 4711 company here.


Museum Plagiarius – My View

The visit at the Plagiarius Museum is unfortunately rather short. You will roughly stay 40 minutes to one hour in this place. The admission is absolutely reasonable regarding that. I had a lot of fun staying in the museum and would thus absolutely recommend to visit it if you are around. It is amazing to see which extent of products are impacted by plagiarism. The work of the foundation driving the museum is just very valuable.


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